Artists Cancel October Shows Despite Wild Sony Conspiracy!

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Artists Cancel October Shows Despite Wild Sony Conspiracy!

Numerous well-known musicians have postponed concerts this week, and there are numerous unfounded conspiracy theories regarding Sony circulating on TikTok.

Many of the performers who canceled their performances are either tied to Sony or a label connected to the group, according to some reports.

People are thinking that something “major” is happening with the American music company since they don’t believe it to be a coincidence.

While the widespread cancellations are odd, the Sony conspiracies are obviously untrue given that many of the artists aren’t even signed to the label.

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TikTok User Claims Sony Artists Canceled Shows

Numerous singers that postponed shows in October were listed in a popular TikTok video with approximately 500,000 views that were uploaded by a person going by the name of Gemma Silk.

She insisted that “everyone on this list has some form of a record label who is affiliated in some way with Sony Music.”

Her wish list includes a number of artists, including Harry Styles, Stevie Nicks, Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, Paramore, The Weeknd, Alan Jackson, Rage Against the Machine, Coldplay, and many more.

Around the beginning of October, all of the performers postponed events, and a large number of them cited illness as the cause.

“Out of an abundance of caution, tonight’s Harry Styles gig on Thursday, October 6, 2022, at United Center has been rescheduled to Monday, October 10, 2022, due to band/crew illness,” the United Center tweeted after Harry Styles postponed his performance in Chicago.

Additionally, Coldplay postponed a string of performances in Brazil and stated: “Due to a significant lung infection, Chris has been put under strict doctor’s orders to rest for the next three weeks.

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Social Media Is Flooded with Conspiracy Theories

Because they are all signed to Sony Music, all of these musicians have canceled gigs. The TikTok user stated, “I believe something very major is coming, and it’s all connected to Sony Records.

As people speculate that something odd is happening with Sony, conspiracy theories are currently sweeping over TikTok.

Someone wrote: “Something is certainly going on” in the TikTok video’s comments.

One more remarked, “Something major is coming 100%.”

They might all be suing Sony together, a third individual speculated.

“It appears to be a mass strike for some cause. Another person added, “There’s something going on.

Sony Doesn’t Sign the Majority of The Performers

The fact that the majority of the artists on the list aren’t even Sony artists allows us to disprove this false conspiracy, nevertheless.

One commenter asked in the comments, “How is Paramore related to Sony? Warner Music Group, not Sony, is home to the American rock band.

“No, they aren’t. Another retorted, and Paramore isn’t the only artist who isn’t signed to them: “People will pull theories out of thin air.”

Another person commented, “Demi and Justin are with Universal, not Sony,” before another person added, “You’ve got one Sony music artist there the rest are other majors.”

Only Prince Royce is officially signed directly to Sony out of the artists on her list; the other two are with labels that are owned by Sony.

All three labels, Syco, Epic Records, and Columbia Records, which are connected to Sony, have signed Harry Styles, Rage Against the Machine, and Lindsey Buckingham.

The conspiracy claim, however, is demonstrably wrong because many of them are also signed to labels that are connected to Universal or Warner.

It is a little odd that so many shows were canceled in the same week, but there is obviously nothing nefarious going on—just a lot of sickness going around.

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