As Quavo’s New Song Messy Aims to Dispel the Saweetie and Lil Baby Accusations

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As Quavo's New Song Messy Aims to Dispel the Saweetie and Lil Baby Accusations

After Quavo and Takeoff’s new song Messy was released, dating rumors involving Saweetie and Lil Baby started to circulate once more.

After former Migos members, Quavo and Takeoff released a new album titled Only Built for Infinity Links, social media followers went into a frenzy.

The album, which had been in the works for the previous two years, was released on October 7 by Motown Records.

Messy, one of the songs has drawn a lot of attention as Saweetie and Lil Baby relationship rumors have resurfaced on social media.

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About 2021, speculations about Saweetie and Lil Baby began to circulate when fans noticed hints in the rappers’ social media activity.

Saweetie uploaded a selfie of herself in front of a mirror while perched on the lap of an enigmatic figure in a since-deleted Instagram Story.

After then, keen-eyed followers combined Saweetie’s photo with a post made at the time by Lil Baby. Lil Baby appeared to be sporting the same kind of black shoes and pants as the unidentified man in Saweetie’s picture.

According to The Sun, the two rappers were reportedly seen shopping together in November of last year at a Chanel store in New York.

The RC Online has contacted Lil Baby and Saweetie for comments.

Rumors Resurface After Messy Gets Released

Since Quavo and Takeoff released their track Messy, dating speculations between Saweetie and Lil Baby have gained a lot of attention on social media.

Although the rappers aren’t specifically mentioned by Quavo in the song, some fans have explained why they think the song is referring to them.

I told Caresha to please because she was too dirty, Quavo sings in the song before adding, “B**** f***ed my dawg behind my back, but I ain’t stressin’.”

Since Saweetie was a guest on Yung Miami’s podcast Caresha Please and Lil Baby’s song My Dawg is titled “My Dawg,” some fans think the song “Caresha” is a dig at Saweetie.

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Fans Think Messy Hints at Saweetie and Lil Baby Rumors

Many fans have speculated about Saweetie and Lil Baby based on Messy’s songs, and some of them have had a field day with the recently rekindled relationship rumors.

“Doesn’t Lil Baby have a song called My Dawg?” one fan tweeted. Quavo might be making reference to that as I don’t buy the Offset/Sweetie claim.

“Quavo was actually talking about Lil Baby,” someone other wrote. Given that he is Offset’s cousin, he would say “fam” rather than “dawg.” After their breakup with Q, Cardi and Saweetie were amicable.

It’s obvious he’s talking about Lil Baby, a fan commented. Do you recall the episode of Caresha Please where Saweetie was questioned about Lil Baby?

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