9 Best KissCartoon Alternatives: Best Websites To Watch Cartoons And Anime Online 2022!

It would be a fallacy to argue that comics feel existential despair in today’s day. But believe me when I say that these gloomy days haven’t arrived yet. It is a truism commonly accepted that cartoons are love, literally. Of course, you can’t deny they’re enthralling. Because they instilled in us the notion that being a little “different” is an important part of who we are, they taught us to embrace it. Although we lost out on the teachings most of the time, all of us know that it is a Herculean struggle, to be different.

What Is KissCartoon?

9 Best KissCartoon Alternatives

One of the many websites that offer free streaming for animes so you may watch your favorite cartoons online. There are a lot of selections and everything is available in high definition resolution. Managed by Kiss Anime network, the site is easily navigable. The site offers a vast range of American cartoons, films, and animes to choose from.

On top of that, Kisscartoon offers the most secure way to watch all of your favorite cartoons and animes in one convenient location. The website is easily accessible on whatever platform you like.

Who Knew KissCartoon Would Be Gone So Quickly?

Kisscartoon was shut down much to the user’s shock. The site abruptly stopped down in 2017. Unfortunately, the site had to be taken down due to concerns over copyright. The DMCA snagged it. Although it was widely regarded as having excellent audio and video quality, it was ultimately shelved, much to the dismay of fans.

The worst thing that can happen is that you don’t have something that you value. Don’t worry, there are plenty of other places to watch your favorite cartoons and anime, and none of them will cost you a dime! Links to the relevant pages have been provided to make things easier for you throughout your search.

1. KissAnime

9 Best KissCartoon Alternatives

This isn’t just any website with cartoons on it; this is the real deal. Our top pick for KissCartoon alternatives is the original, which is how KissCartoon got its start.

The original URL was kissanime.ru, and it fell down in 2020 because of legal concerns. But by the time the site sunk, there were several mirrors and clones around already. While many have retired, they continue to serve a large number of people.

KissAnime’s collection, the simple navigation, the lack of registration restrictions, anime watchlists, and categorization made it enormously famous among connoisseurs of the genre.

More than 4 million people visit KissAnime each month, and it’s easy to use even when using a virtual private network (VPN). Moreover, it requires no account, therefore it offers numerous advantages. Despite this, the ad-annoyance index is quite high (seven points out of ten).

2. KissCartoon .info

9 Best KissCartoon Alternatives

Kisscartoon.Info is one of the best solutions out there for watching your favorite anime or cartoon. The site is crammed with all the information to keep you occupied indefinitely which includes The Simpsons’, Justice League, The Jetsons, Haikyuu, Transformers series, and the list goes on and on. It is popular because of its readily navigable interface.

KissCartoon is, by far, the best place to watch your favorite cartoons at your leisure without spending a single dollar.. It could also be a good way to pass the time while we’re in this tedious lockdown.

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3. Disney Junior

9 Best KissCartoon Alternatives

It’s the third choice for a replacement for KissCartoon that we’ve seen. Disney Junior is geared towards children from 2 to 7 years old, including original TV programs, movies, and more. If you know the initials of your favorite cartoon character, you can use that information to quickly locate their work.

4. Crunchyroll

9 Best KissCartoon Alternatives

Crunchyroll is more about anime than about cartoons. As a result, it’s the ideal website to go along with KissCartoon.

One of the best things about Crunchyroll is the opportunity to do away with any advertising once and for all – albeit you have to pay for a membership to enjoy that advantage.

Anime aficionados are very familiar with Crunchyroll because it quickly publishes new content. On average, new episodes of anime are made available online one hour after they air on the internet. That’s no mean feat as it needs a big effort.

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5. CartoonExtra

9 Best KissCartoon Alternatives

Anime and cartoon fans, rejoice! This site includes a never-ending list of all the cartoons you’ve ever heard of and will no doubt be closing down soon. Dora the Explorer, Sponge Bob Square Pants, Loony Toons, and a slew of other kid-friendly characters make this site a virtual playground. Everything you could possibly want is right here.

Interface that’s easy to use but nonetheless remarkable. To bring back fond memories of your childhood, here are all of your favourite cartoons. You won’t be sorry you made the decision.

6. KimCartoon

9 Best KissCartoon Alternatives

Kimcartoon.biz is also one of the top alternatives to KissCartoon out there. Users will have no trouble finding your cartoons because of the site’s user-friendly design. It includes a broad spectrum of cartoons and if cartoons are your one true love, then this site is surely for you.

Aside from the smooth video quality and seemingly unlimited content, this website offers a lot to keep you interested and engaged. It’s a breeze to get about this website. Only the adverts that appear in-between videos are irritating.

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7. GoGoAnime

9 Best KissCartoon Alternatives

This website is similar to the above-mentioned site, GoGoAnime is a decent substitute for Kisscartoon. With cartoons like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, and, Scooby-Doo at the click of a finger, no one’s stopping you. You’ve got nothing to lose by getting started today.

This service presents a pool of possibilities for your favorite cartoon. It’s easy to use and has a smooth user interface.

8. 9Anime

9 Best KissCartoon Alternatives

Anime is a passion of yours, right? This website deserves your full attention if such is the case. This site comes with a clean UI and contains a well-categorized area for all favorite anime. There’s a lot of information on this site, and it’s updated frequently.

All platforms are supported and it has an easy-to-use interface. It’s well worth your time to go see it.

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9. Nick TV (Nickelodeon)

9 Best KissCartoon Alternatives

It’s always a plus to have access to legal online streaming of cartoon series. But if you can have that choice for free, with original content and HD quality streams and it’s safe for children, then would be even more ideal. There’s also Nickelodeon.

To the extent that you’re a cartoon enthusiast, you’re undoubtedly already familiar with this brand.

Considering how popular it has become and how few commercials there are, there is no way to go wrong with this one. There are certain exceptions, of course, as the catalog is restricted to what Nickelodeon has the right to distribute. Of course, that’s all relative. This website will still give you infinite hours of entertainment.


There is no upper age limit for watching cartoons. They are a pleasure available for every generation, and we too appreciate them as such.

So, what are you waiting for? Are you about to set your weekend plans so that you may binge away with your favorite animated series, anime, manga, and cartoons? That’s what we’re hoping for.

Let’s face it: life is hard. After all the “regular” concerns of life such as making a living, raising a family, and maintaining your health, the world has become even more complicated with the onset of a global epidemic that is affecting everyone. This is what our lives were like growing up. We didn’t want it, but there was no other option. And that’s why watching cartoons is such a terrific activity! A simpler and more straightforward approach to finding happiness is evoked by this song.

Everybody deserves to have a getaway, a resting spot of sorts. And if cartoons can supply that for you, then we’re only too delighted to have enabled you to get as much of them as you can manage by presenting you our finest thirteen alternatives to KissCartoon!