“Boycott Tampax” Is Trending on Twitter After the Brand’s “Gross” Tweet Causes a Backlash.!

"Boycott Tampax" Is Trending on Twitter After the Brand's "Gross" Tweet Causes a Backlash.!

Because of how fans responded to a recent message from the company, “Boycott Tampax” has become a trending topic on Twitter.

On November 22, a tweet from Tampax’s official US Twitter account surfaced, and many people were perplexed by its content.

While some people didn’t like what was proposed, others thought it was humorous.

What Did Tampax Tweet?

You’re in their DMs, said the US Tampax’s official Twitter account on November 21. They surround us. We are not alike.

“Refused to let Twitter shut down before we shared this tweet,” they wrote as a response.

With more than 20k followers on the network, the business’s one tweet was able to attract more than ten times as many followers. The tweet received 333k likes, 67.3k shares, and 8,747 comments in more than 24 hours. Remember that these figures are still increasing.

People’s reactions to the tweet once it became popular were conflicting. While some people found it to be funny, there were others who did not.

"Boycott Tampax" Is Trending on Twitter After the Brand's "Gross" Tweet Causes a Backlash.!

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Following the publication of this post, some users launched the trending phrase “Boycott Tampax” on Twitter to show their displeasure with the message.

#BoycottTampax Peak Patriarchy: A corporation that sells women’s items insults its whole consumer base and believes this is acceptable, one user said. You are the creepiest.

One more said, “This is horrible. Women and female children continue to be objectified (girls can begin having periods at age 11).

“Sexualizing a product that youngsters must use in real life. Gross. Disgusting. Boycott Tampax, another person urged.

The fact that the company partnered with transgender TikTok celebrity Dylan Mulvaney also infuriated some people.

"Boycott Tampax" Is Trending on Twitter After the Brand's "Gross" Tweet Causes a Backlash.!

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Users Come to Defend the Brand

Several additional people came up to defend the brand in the midst of the storm.

I won’t #BoycottTampax, one user remarked.

One more comment: “The joke about Tampax doesn’t upset me in itself – I say a lot worse – but it’s strange that the official account tweeted it. It was grim, but it made me smile.

Imagine being upset by a crude joke that a tampon manufacturer posted on Al Gore’s website. Another person said, “Yes, I’m talking to you, #BoycottTampax people.

Others, though, backed the company’s choice to work with Dylan, a popular TikTok user, writing: “I truly appreciate Tampax showcasing its welcoming side, thus I’m not going to #BoycottTampax. I adore Dylan and am happy that she took home the Bridgerton Ball. Such a beacon of hope in the midst of hatred.

One more stated: “I can assure you that when I buy a box of Tampax, I’m not thinking about Dylan & Jeffrey Marsh. I’m not going to #BoycottTampax. Like most women, I’m considering if I’ll be able to run on the beach, ride horses, and plunge my hands into beakers of blue liquid.

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