When Using Tik Tok, What Does “Crop” Refer To? So, What Exactly Does “we Need Crop” Mean?

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crop mean on tiktok

Words and phrases are constantly evolving on social media sites like TikTok. The best technique to convey a message is always evolving as users discover new ways to interact with one another. Words and phrases like FYP, OOMF, and shadowbanned are likely to pop up as some of the most interesting TikTok terminologies on your phone.

For You Page” abbreviates as “FYP.” “When your videos are “shadowbanned” by TikTok, it implies that they won’t appear in users’ searches because you’ve violated one or more of the community guidelines. OOMF stands for “one of my fans.” The meaning of the phrase “need a crop” has recently come up in discussions among app users. This is some information you need to know.

What Does “Crop” Mean on Tik Tok?

A Reddit thread reveals that many TikTokers are unsure of what it means to “need a crop” when using the app. Someone on Reddit said, “I’ve seen comments like this but I don’t know what it means, and now someone commented on my meme video, and I don’t want to question him since I’ll sound dumb.”

A second user of the discussion speculated, “It suggests they want you to upload the meme without anything obscuring it so they can screenshot it.” In other words, if someone comments on your TikTok video that it “needs a crop,” they mean that you should repost your video without any titles, descriptions, or other subtitles that distract from the core subject.

crop mean on tiktok

If you’re sharing a meme that has some relevant information tucked away in the bottom left corner, don’t add anything that could hide it. If you don’t, you can get a “we need crop” notice “someone who is completely unknown to you replies.

Another user of the Reddit post wondered aloud, “Can someone tell me why I have been seeing this more lately?” in reference to crop comments on TikTok.” A second user of the website chimed in with, “[I don’t know.] There has always been a population that says this, but is it true that there are more people using this phrase now than ever before? Lol.”

Given the recent proliferation of these remarks on everyone’s TikTok videos, it’s worthwhile to identify the actual justifications for them.

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Could There Be Another Reason “We Need Crop” Is Circulating?

TikTok users may also be stating things like, “we need crop,” “as a shorthand for “a video doesn’t need to be as long as it is” on TikTok videos. Some TikTokers, for instance, get annoyed when they watch what they assume to be a clothing haul video, but instead, the host spends the first half of the video discussing various brands, trends, and the like rather than actually trying on any of the garments.

crop mean on tiktok

If you see a “we need crop” comment on a video like that, it’s typically from someone who just wants to skip over all the unnecessary chatter and get to the clothes.

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