Debunked: The Satirical Top Gear Post that Misled Twitter About the New Seatbelt Charge.!

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New Seatbelt Charge

The internet is awash with rumors that a new seatbelt fee is being implemented in the UK, however, this is all false information.

Since owning a car is already expensive, many people were shocked to learn that beginning in April 2025, all Britons would be required to pay the fee.

Thankfully, it’s a satire; however, many people on Twitter were duped by it. Let’s disprove this fraudulent tax for good.

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Top Gear Article Announces Fake Car Seatbelt Tax

Following a piece published on the official Top Gear website on November 21, a discussion of the phony tax spread on social media.

The fabricated story claimed that the government would impose an extra charge on any new vehicle sold with a seatbelt.

It stated that Chancellor Jeremy Hunt made the decision to have drivers of cars pay “for their continued safety on an annual basis” in the Autumn Budget.

Even Jeremy Hunt’s statement that “I’ve decided that each automobile fitted with a seatbelt will be subject to an extra tax” was made up.

He claimed that this was the case because “consumers need to travel safely from point A to point B and arrive uninjured in the decades to come,” according to the report.

Due to the fact that the entire piece was meant to be satirical, he never stated anything like that, and there isn’t a new seatbelt charge.

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It Was Supposed to Be Satirical

In the opening line, Top Gear actually made it clear that the article wasn’t accurate.

It said, “Here’s Cory Spondent, traveling correspondent for, with his mainly false exclusives from the automotive world.

If the word “incorrect” wasn’t a sufficient indicator, the article’s ongoing parody made it clear that the entire claim was false.

 New Seatbelt Charge

In the third paragraph, it is said that until time travel is developed, humans will probably need to go from one location to another without suffering serious harm.

Then it continues, “The government claimed it would be fairer if motorists started paying for their ongoing safety on an annual basis following the abolition of the VED exemption for electric cars.

Additionally, the phrase “satire” is really written above the headline. Although there are some strange laws and rules in the UK, paying for your safety in a car is most definitely not one of them.

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Top Gear report fools Twitter

Thousands of Britons were duped when Top Gear even shared the piece on their official Twitter account.

One irate motorist wrote, “Will they tax the air next after charging seat belts, car seats, lights, doors, and bumpers?”

Someone else tweeted: “This is absurd. Surely, not even he accepts the justification he provided for making the accusation?

 New Seatbelt Charge

“Tax breathing next?” Another person added.

Another person said: “I shudder to imagine how much this seatbelt fee, which takes effect in April 2025, would cost.”

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