How to Orderly Watch Dirty Harry Movies?

Actor-Director Clint Eastwood is well-known for playing the Man with No Name in the Dollars trilogy and other spaghetti westerns. Following this, Eastwood went on to work on the antihero cop series Dirty Harry, as Harry Callahan, who must employ his strategies to apprehend crooks.

Four Academy Awards, four Golden Globes, and even an American Film Institute Life Achievement Award has been given to Clint Eastwood for his long career, which has seen him work on more than 50 films as an actor, director, and producer.

The Dirty Harry series centers on the character Harry “Dirty Harry” Callahan, a homicide detective whose unconventional policing techniques frequently land him in hot water with his superiors. The Dead Pool, which was published in 1988, marked the end of the series, which had started in 1971.

There are a total of five movies in the series, so not every one of them is going to be a hit, but how can we tell which movies are superior to others? Here is a ranking of all the Dirty Harry films.

5 The Dead Pool

The Dead Pool, which should not be confused with the Ryan Reynolds-starring Marvel film Deadpool, is the last film in the series and comes in last on the list. When Peter Swan, a horror director, creates a “dead pool” betting on celebrity deaths, and a serial killer starts targeting individuals on the list, including himself, Dirty Harry makes his comeback following the successful conviction of a mob leader.

Liam Neeson and Jim Carrey were among the young, up-and-coming performers that appeared in The Dead Pool at the time. Many people felt the movie was the poorest in the series, and it received generally negative reviews.

The Dead Pool thus had the lowest franchise revenue. Many people questioned whether the series would continue after The Dead Pool, but Eastwood joked about a potential sequel, ending it there.

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4 Sudden Impact

Harry Callahan is on a required vacation because of his aggressive approach to his police work, but he is interested in the murders that are taking place all around him. He is particularly interested in the case of Jennifer Spencer, who was the victim of a gang rape eleven years prior and is now seeking retribution for the atrocity by assassinating each of her assailants.

As Harry and Jennifer develop their connection, Harry is forced to make a choice when Jennifer’s life is once more in jeopardy. Given that it was the fourth movie in the series, Sudden Impact enjoyed a tremendous lot of commercial success. Eastwood’s line, “Go ahead, make my day,” which Ronald Reagan uttered in a speech threatening to veto a law raising taxes, is famously utilized in the movie.

3 Magnum Force

Harry Callahan thinks vigilantes are going too far when they begin killing criminals who have escaped justice for their crimes. In defiance of his CO Lt. Briggs, Dirty Harry investigates the group on the grounds that he believes a police officer is responsible for the deaths, with his main suspect being his former colleague Charlie McCoy.

Magnum Force, the second episode of the series, helped establish the careers of Tim Matheson, David Soul, and Robert Urich. The Hi-Fi killings are believed to have been inspired by a scene in Magnum Force where a prostitute is killed with a drain cleaner. However, the murderers stated they had not seen the film and that, had they, they would have murdered using a different manner.

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2 The Enforcer

The third movie in the series, The Enforcer, picks up with Dirty Harry after he has been kicked out of the homicide unit for using excessive force. Harry and his new partner Kate Moore must use all available means to apprehend the terrorist organization The People’s Revolutionary Strike Force when it kidnaps the mayor and steals rockets.

While Tyne Daly received accolades for her work in the movie, the adversaries were condemned for being “cartoony.” She demonstrates that she is a worthy heroine, able to overcome even the most difficult obstacles. She is not just a female sidekick. With almost 46 million dollars in revenue, The Enforcer was the franchise’s most lucrative picture.

1 Dirty Harry

Dirty Harry is the first movie in the franchise and the one that got everything going. Harry Callahan, a cop, wants to find the rooftop killer before the kidnapped girl perishes. When Harry captures the murderer, he releases him back into society.

Harry is forced to pursue the killer once more since he knows that killing him is the only way to stop him after he hijacks a school bus. Harry’s adventure starts here, and it demonstrates how he lives up to his name. The Zodiac Killer’s actual cases were used as inspiration for the movie’s psychopath, who was modeled after the real-life murderer.

The movie received a lot of praise, but it also generated a lot of controversies, which resulted in a line of protesters calling Dirty Harry a “fascist pig” at the Academy Awards. The real-life crime of the Faraday School kidnapping, in which six children and a teacher were abducted in Australia, was believed to have been inspired by the movie Dirty Harry.