There’s something about “The Summer I Turned Pretty” that makes you yearn for young summer love, the kind that typically starts and ends close to a skeeball machine or Ferris wheel, even if you haven’t been a teenager in a while.

Even though the main character Isabel “Belly” Conklin (played by Lola Tung) is caught in a love triangle, we’ll be happy with her understated summer beauty style.

Exactly How Belly's Beauty Look Came Together in "The Summer I Turned Pretty"

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We are aware of our company. In fact, TSITP is still competing with “Stranger Things” on TikTok, as evidenced by the videos that mimic Belly’s carefree summertime look from her summer home in the made-up town of Cousins.

The problem is that it’s not especially original: all you need is a swipe of tinted lip balm, a dab of sunscreen, and possibly some mascara to finish the effect. However, we don’t care since the atmosphere is what matters to us. Belly has the potential to make you feel as though your summer is going to be the best one ever, even if it isn’t.

Even still, without all of the information, you won’t be able to channel the protagonist of this tale, so we dug it up for you. The head of the beauty department for the show, Tara Sall, shares the tales and goods that will enable you to start living in your “Belly Era” this summer.

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