The Final Destination Movies Watched in Which Chronological Order?

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final destination movies in order

The Final Destination movies, which have been around since 2000, have established themselves in the horror genre by subjecting youngsters to a series of intricate and horrific “accidents.” In the movies, the ultimate game of survival results in the deaths of a number of young people in what appear to be random encounters.

Here is the chronological sequence to watch the Final Destination films if you haven’t seen them previously (or if you just want to replay them).

How Many Films Have a Final Destination?

Over the course of 11 years, a total of five Final Destination movies were made. Following is a list of every Final Destination film in chronological order:

  1. Final Destination (2000)
  2. Final Destination 2 (2003)
  3. Final Destination 3 (2006)
  4. The Final Destination (2009)
  5. Final Destination 5 (2011)

Movies About Final Destination in Chronological Order

There are two ways to view the Final Destination movies in chronological order or release order. If you want to experience the anxiety and excitement of how each film is connected, you should see the Final Destination movies in the order in which they were first released. Following is a list of every Final Destination film in chronological order:

1. Final Destination (2000)

A high school class is shown leaving for Paris in the opening scene of the movie. Alex (Devon Sawa), one of the students, has a terrifying vision of the plane exploding in midair.

With five other students and a teacher, he hops up to leave, engages in conflict with another student, and is expelled. The aircraft then takes off, and you probably guessed it, it blows up in midair.

Of course, in light of the actual tragedy involving TWA Flight 800, which was also bound for Paris and had students on board, this scenario is seen in the worst possible light. I’ll remember it but won’t linger on it. The explosion sets up the rest of the movie, where it seems like the survivors are also going to die—and that Alex is psychic and can foretell their deaths.

Could he really? This is where the movie starts to get interesting because it lets the people express their feelings of impending doom and helplessness rather than using his eerie prophecies as a gimmick.

There is an odd mismatch between the words and the action in “Final Destination,” which isn’t really conversational. The characters all pass away one after the other, almost always as a result of an odd chain of connected events.

If there is any fun in explaining things, it would ruin it. Lightning, natural gas, knives, trains, power lines, and flying metal shards are all the work of fate.

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2. Final Destination 2 (2003)

While waiting to merge onto the freeway, Kimberley Corman, along with her companions, experiences a vision. They are traveling to Daytona Beach for spring break. Many fans of the series adore this ominous set-piece, and it’s easy to see why.

A truck carrying a load of massive logs collapses, causing a large pileup with spectacular damage and horrifying casualties. To truly appreciate this impressive-looking spectacle, you must suspend your disbelief.

Kimberley is aware that she hasn’t yet left the entry point when her premonition is over. In a fit of fear, she stops her automobile in the middle of the street, blocking all other traffic. The majority of the victims she witnessed being killed in the collision are in the cars following her, and they are all indignant with her.

A traffic jam develops in front of her as Deputy Marshal Thomas Burke is conversing with her. The friends of Kimberley who remained in the vehicle are killed when a speeding truck hits them.

Now we know how this works. Because death hates to be tricked, all of the survivors Kimberley helped pass away in accidents. among the most creative and hilarious episodes of the series (in a morbid sense).

Although Kimberley starts to notice signs and warnings, it’s always too late. She wasn’t first accepted by the other survivors. But after a few too many coincidences, they all decide to make an effort to change their fate.

Final Destination 2 is not perfect. One that aspires to a bigger and better sequel but is thwarted by a story riddled with holes in it and an early obsession with gory murders. You will be completely numb to the graphic imagery by the time the movie is over.

Here, the number of characters rises solely to accommodate more fatalities. Most of the characters are so uninteresting that you won’t care what happens to them, albeit it’s not a big issue.

3. Final Destination 3 (2006)

An evening of general immorality is spent by a bunch of youngsters attending a carnival’s senior night (as teenagers want to do). Wendy joins her illiterate friends in taking pictures for the yearbook. While they are playing games or standing in line for attractions, she takes pictures of each of her classmates.

As the night draws to a close, a sizable crowd—including everyone who had their picture taken—decides to ride the roller coaster “The Devil’s Flight.” As they board, Wendy has a bad hunch that all of the passengers will sustain severe injuries in a roller coaster catastrophe when the tracks suddenly collapse (as roller coaster tracks want to do).

The surviving party is aware of the risks at this point, and the standard rules apply. Final Destination: If you are saved, death skips you; if death does not skip you, you get screwed terribly brutally. There is a set order of who dies first.

Without going into great detail, there is a fight at the town’s tricentennial during which horse bolts, among other things impaling someone Iwo Jima-style. When the dust settles, the only members of the original group left are Wendy, Kevin, and Wendy’s younger sister. For completely unexplained reasons, they are safe.

Jumping nearly two years forward, we arrive at a New York City subway. As her housemates go about their regular lives, Wendy is among them. She runs into her sister as she exits the train, and the two briefly join up as the train pulls away.

Kevin was shortly discovered to be seated in the front seat of the car. Wendy experiences another horrifying vision of the metro car crashing and killing everyone inside when the three are reunited. But this time, the doors are already shut, and the train has already departed. She could know what was going to happen, but none of them can run away.

4. The Final Destination (2009)

Nick O’Bannon has a vision of a car crash that would kill many people, including many racegoers, as he watches a race at McKinley Speedway. Along with his friends Hunt and Janet, Nick convinces his fiancee Lori to leave.

A woman and her two boys, a bigot named Carter, a security guard named George Lanter, as well as countless other people, follow Nick outside. Shortly after they go, Nick’s prediction comes to pass. Death, on the other hand, does not accept rejection.

And as the survivors of the collision pass away one by one in ever-more-horrific ways, the sights only get worse. Now, before he too travels to The Final Destination, Nick must figure out how to permanently avoid death.

Nick, his friends, and George must work to find and save the other survivors before it’s too late when the survivors start to succumb. The same writing, directing, and producing crew behind the wildly popular second sequel also worked in the new thriller, which is shot in terrifying 3D. The last trilogy brought in more than $150 million.

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5. Final Destination 5 (2011)

This is the story of young individuals who attempt to elude death and believe they have succeeded until it finally catches up with them. Sam, along with his friends Peter, Molly, Olivia, Candice, Nathan, Isaac, and Dennis, is an employee who is taking part in a business retreat.

Sam has a vision that the bridge they will be crossing will collapse, killing everyone who saves Sam’s love Molly, as they board the bus to travel to the retreat. He convinces his friends to get off the bus, but the driver keeps going, causing the bridge to collapse and killing his friends.

Sam and his friends are horrified and in disbelief that they survived. They all attend the funerals of their comrades, and a man appears to tell them that death is now pursuing them, but they choose to ignore him. The following day, Olivia passes away during eye surgery, Isaac passes away while having acupuncture, and Candice passes away at gymnastics practice.

They start to realize that they are actually being pursued by death and that there is no escape. When Nathan’s turn comes, Dennis is killed by a wrench, and his friend Roy is killed on a construction site, saving Nathan from death.

Peter starts to lose it, and he will do whatever to continue to live. He shows up at Sam’s restaurant where Sam and Molly are eating, and tries to kill them, but is shot and dies in the process.

When a man starts shouting and claims he has a vision of the plane exploding, Sam and Molly are the next passengers on the flight to Paris. Despite Sam and Molly’s fear, the plane takes off; it subsequently explodes, killing both of them.

It turns out that the man from the previous two Final Destination movies is the one who screamed nonstop on the plane. When the airplane that had just exploded fell into the bar where Nathan was drinking, he was the only one left alive and thought he had survived.

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