Fire Force Season 3 Expected Release Date Revealed: Get Ready to Ignite

Today, anime is prospering due to a plethora of fascinating and beautifully animated series spanning virtually every genre imaginable.

There is something for everyone in the world of anime, from shows about cruel businessmen reincarnated as little girls and rising through the ranks of the military in an alternate version of World War I Germany (“Saga of Tanya the Evil”) to shows about people who transform into an animal from the Chinese zodiac whenever they are hugged by a member of the opposite sex (“Fruits Basket”).

We would be derelict if we failed to mention “Fire Force,” a unique series: It is about a firefighting crew and the concept of spontaneous combustion. Based on the manga by “Soul Eater” creator Atsushi Ohkubo, the series follows Shinra Kusakabe, a third-generation pyrokinetic whose feet can ignite flames.

Shinra joins a team of pyrokinetic ists known as Special Fire Force Company 8 in order to combat Infernals, which are humans transformed into living flames by spontaneous combustion.

The second season of “Fire Force” concluded in December 2020 and became one of Amazon Prime Japan’s top five most-watched anime television series. Since then, fans have been waiting for another season of the successful series, so here’s everything we know so far about Season 3 of “Fire Force.”

When Will Fire Force Season 3 Be Released?

fire force season 3 release date

The third season of “Fire Force” was officially verified by the show’s Twitter account on May 16, 2022. The tweet featured a photograph of the vicious adolescent Shinra Kusakabe posing after launching one of his attacks. Unfortunately, that was the extent of the reveal.

Season 3 has not been given a release date, and there have been no production updates or announcements regarding its release. For quite some time we didn’t even know if the anime would be taken up for a third season, so at least we can hold on to that excitement while we wait for more information to be made public.

The premiere dates for the first two seasons of “Fire Force” were July 2019 and July 2020, respectively. The month of July 2021 passed without any mention of a third season, and there was no word as 2022 began.

When Season 3 was eventually confirmed in May of that year, July 2023 appeared to be the target release date. David Production, the anime studio behind “Fire Force,” is currently adapting the manga “Undead Unluck” by Yoshifumi Tozuka.

The 2023 release date has been lamented by “Fire Force” aficionados on Reddit. Given this, it is unlikely that Season 3 of “Fire Force” will be released in the summer of 2023, and it may not even be 2023 at all.

Unless another studio steps in, the earliest possible release date are 2024. Fans have cited Studio Trigger (“Kill la Kill”), Bones (“My Hero Academia”), Wit Studio (“Attack on Titan”), and Studio Pierrot (“Naruto”) as possible new studios for the series, but the general consensus is that it should remain with David Production if at all possible.

What’s the Plot of Fire Force Season 3?

fire force season 3 release date

The conclusion of Season 2 of “Fire Force” seemed to indicate that Company 8 and the Evangelist were preparing for an even larger battle. Shinra Kusakabe pushed himself in his training to reach a new point known as “The Press Of Death” in order to become stronger order to combat Company 8’s increasingly hazardous foes.

Captain Hague of Company 4 was assassinated in the season finale, dealing a devastating setback to the heroes. Shinra is, however, able to establish an Adolla Link, allowing him to witness Hague’s final moments due to his new degree of skill. Using the source material, we can make an educated guess as to where the narrative is headed, despite the fact that we have no concrete information about what will occur next.

The anime has generally followed the manga, so we can deduce what Season 3 will entail for Shinra and Company 8 by examining the unadapted volumes. Season 1 of the anime covered Volume 1 through a portion of Volume 11, while Season 2 covered Volume 11 through a portion of Volume 20.

Followers of the manga are aware that Shinra faces his most formidable adversary to date in volume 21, 1st Brigade Captain Barns. Barns and Company 1 have allied with the Empire’s dominant religion, The Holy Sol Temple. Company 8 is essentially labeled as a terrorist organization, and Commander Obi is imprisoned, due to the Evangelist’s control over the government.

Obviously, Shinra and his associates do not take this lying down. In order to rescue their commander, they join forces with the antihero known as the Joker and break into the Grand Penitentiary.

Who Is Starring in Fire Force Season 3?

fire force season 3 release date

The official personnel list for Season 3 of “Fire Force” has not yet been revealed. Based on the consistency behind the scenes of the first two seasons, it is likely that the majority of the characters and voice performers will return for the third season, including Gakuto Kajiwara (Japanese) and Derick Snow (English) as our fearless protagonist Shinra Kusakabe.

Kajiwara is best known for portraying Asta in the popular shonen series “Black Clover” and Hiro in “Shadowverse,” an anime based on the same-named card game. Snow, on the other hand, has voiced the fiery Yakuza character Mimic in “My Hero Academia” and has worked on a number of popular anime series over the years, including “One Piece,” “Dragon Ball Super,” “Fairy Tail,” and “My Hero Academia”

From reading the manga, we know (or at least suspect) that Captain Obi will feature prominently in the first few episodes of Season 3, which implies that Kazuya Nakai will return to the recording booth. He has nearly 300 credits as a voice actor, making him a veteran of the field.

Many iconic characters, including Roronoa Zoro from “One Piece” and Toshiro Hijikata from “Gintama,” are voiced by Nakai. Obi is portrayed by Jeremy Inman in the English dub, who is not far behind Nakai in terms of career credits. His characteristic tones can be heard in everything from “Dragon Ball Z” to “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.”

Iris (Mao Ichimichi, Alexis Tipton), Takehisa (Kenichi Suzumura, Christopher Wehkamp), Tamaki (Aoi Yuuki, Jad Saxton), Arthur (Yuusuke Kobayashi, Eric Vale), and Maki are also expected to appear in Season 3. (Saeko Kamijou, Sarah Roach). The self-proclaimed antihero the Joker (Kenjirou Tsutsua, Sonny Strait) will almost certainly return to action.

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Where Can You Watch the First Two Seasons of Fire Force?

fire force season 3 release date

With Season 3 still a ways off, there has never been a better opportunity to catch up on the first two seasons of the popular television series “Fire Force.” But where and how can they be viewed?

“Fire Force” is available on multiple streaming platforms, which is uncommon for anime and television programs in general. For those with a basic Hulu membership, both seasons are presently available, but it’s also available on the ever-popular anime streaming platform Crunchyroll.

Seasons 1 and 2 are available with English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish dubs. You can view it for free if you don’t mind watching lengthy advertisements, or you can purchase a premium subscription to skip the ads and go straight to the action.

You can also stream both existing seasons of “Fire Force” for free on Funimation with advertisements. Similarly, you must upgrade to a premium membership in order to avoid commercials.

If you’ve watched the first two seasons of “Fire Force” multiple times and are still hungry for more, you could always pick up the manga and get ahead of your peers in the story. There are a total of 34 volumes, of which 30 have been translated into English as of this writing.

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Kodansha USA holds the license for their English release in North America. The release of volume 31 in English is scheduled for February 21, 2023, and the entire series will be available in English by August 22, 2023.