Hacking Game: 10 Best Hacking Games For PC! [August 2022]

Hacking Game

PC gamers: In search of the finest hacking simulations? The ‘hacker ethic’, the willingness and ability to take a game by the scruff of its code, rip it apart, and put the pieces back together in a new way, has long been admired by the gaming industry.

The entire multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre can be traced back to people tinkering with Warcraft III, which was developed by Id Software with the modding community in mind.

Of fact, the vast majority of gamers are merely that. All we can make out of a string of coded digits and letters is that they have no apparent meaning. A long history of games, however, has endeavored to fulfill the illusion of total control over a computer’s operations, whether to create havoc or prevent it. Some of these games mimic actual hacking experiences, complete with user input of actual lines of code. However, there are many who reduce hacking to a simple set of button presses, treating it like a form of sorcery. Both are great in their own ways, and you’ll find examples of each on the list of hacking games we’ve compiled below.

1. System Shock 2

Hacking Game

System Shock 2’s hacking minigame doesn’t stand out. In this streamlined version of Minesweeper, you only need to connect three mines in a row to complete a hack. It’s not rocket science. When it comes to simplified hacking mechanics, I much much enjoy BioShock, its spiritual sequel, with its bizarre pipe riddles. However, hacking was prominently featured in System Shock 2 as one of several paths the player might take to advance in the game. The protagonist of the first System Shock was a hacker, and the player was given the tools necessary to perform the role in the sequel.

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2. Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Hacking Game

Unlike the Star Trek series, every Deus Ex game is worth playing. While the first Deus Ex was universally hailed as a masterpiece, its sequel, Invisible War, is now widely considered a critical failure. The third installment of the Human Revolution was praised as a return to form.

Adam Jensen can dump points into hacking as he could in System Shock 2, allowing him to avoid battles and scrounge in inappropriate places. In an equally engaging interface, players “capture” nodes in a grid to create a route between two spots. In the 2016 sequel Mankind Divided, the system made a return appearance and remained largely untouched.

3. Operation Tango

Hacking Game

Teamwork is essential in Operation Tango, with one player taking on the role of a computer whiz who remotely accesses various systems and networks, and the other taking on the role of a field agent who must successfully negotiate dangerous environments. Because neither of you can see what the other is doing, effective communication is crucial to your survival.

The asymmetric gameplay of Operation Tango brilliantly portrays the excitement of remotely hacking into systems and navigating menus while under the strain and responsibility of your teammate’s life or death. You’ll impress yourself by acting like a hacking pro if you can hold your cool under pressure.

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4. Quadrilateral Cowboy

Hacking Game

Similar to Watch Dogs Legion, the goal of Quadrilateral Cowboy is to steal something from a secure location without anyone noticing your presence. Quadrilateral Cowboy’s hacking is much more realistic than that of Watch Dogs Legion.

The player takes on the role of a hacker thief in this sleek first-person puzzler by Blendo Games, which is marketed as “20th Century Cyberpunk.” The player uses a portable computer, or “deck,” to pull off heists in the vein of Ocean’s Eleven. You’ll use lines of code to activate features like doors, lasers, and a motorized quadrotor.

Most games simplify hacking such that it is easy to pick up and use right away. Quadrilateral Cowboy doesn’t try to make entering orders any less of a chore than it already is, what with all the numbers and weird punctuation. Quadrilateral Cowboy, on the other hand, has a friendly learning curve and a well-thought-out tutorial that will have you feeling like a badass in no time.

5. Hackmud

Hacking Game

The player in Hackmud, a massively multiplayer online game set in the 1990s, assumes the role of a hacker. It has a lot of lessons, but in the end, you’ll need to know some Javascript if you want to play it well. But if you can master it, all of creation is your oyster.

Like EVE Online and Jurassic Park, this gritty 2016 hacking sim is a hotbed of sleaze and villainy. Those who have mastered the hacking challenges of Quadrilateral Cowboy will be ready for the next level, Hackmud, which combines elements of a hacker’s paradise with those of a social deception game like Mafia (the party game, not the open-world action series).

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Hacking Game

Uplink, which premiered less than a month after September 11th, is a nostalgic throwback that presents hacking in the style of films from the 1990s. Instead of being a side activity, like in System Shock 2, hacking is the entire point of the game here. As a result, the interface you create is a direct reflection of the one the user sees (a presentation that many other entries on this list have borrowed).

7. Watch Dogs Legion

Hacking Game

The first Watch Dogs game fumbled out of the gate in 2014 with a somewhat dull and cranky protagonist, but the sequel proved far more engaging and fun to play. Watch Dogs Legion cranks everything up to eleven, depicting a futuristic London, and replacing the single protagonist with the entire city.

It’s not radically different from Watch Dogs 2 in many respects, but the ability to command a city’s worth of criminals opens up new avenues of infiltration for any mission. Is it possible that you need to gather intel from a higher vantage point, such as a roof? Why not utilize a drone from the construction site to get up there? Maybe you’d want to pretend you’re a kindly old lady, but in reality, you’re a cunning spy. No matter who the greatest recruits in Watch Dogs Legion are, you’ll discover a wide variety of interesting Londoners to add to your team—or to lose, if you turn on the game’s permadeath feature.

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8. Hacknet

Hacking Game

In Hacknet, you take on the role of a hacker equipped with customizable code and a database brimming with hidden secrets. In the wake of a supernatural inciting occurrence in which the spirit of a deceased hacker approaches you through an automated message, you embark on a series of hacking-focused missions. While playing, you’ll learn UNIX commands that are comparable to those you might use to, say, empty someone’s bank account in real life, as Hacknet is designed to mimic the experience of real hacking. Intriguing new alternate reality game (ARG) components and playable tools were incorporated in the Labyrinths expansion that was released in 2017.

9. Cyberpunk 2077

Hacking Game

There is a huge caveat to recommending Cyberpunk 2077 at this time: the game has seen its fair share of issues, but many of them have been fixed in the game’s first few months. Nonetheless, Night City is a vast playground full of possibilities, offering a wide variety of locations to discover, a wide variety of chores to accomplish in exchange for eddies, and a wide variety of valuable objects to hack throughout the entire city.

There is a lot of fun to be had in battle because of the first-person cyberpunk setting. By using quick hacking in Cyberpunk 2077, you can ping any node on a network and then upload daemons to mess with it. Some can temporarily blind an attacker, while others can make them drop their weapon. Multiple daemons can be inflicted at once, which is useful if you’re up against a very formidable foe.

While you’re at it, you might as well check out some of the greatest first-person shooters for PC if you’d rather just shoot your way through the bad guys.

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10. Exapunks

Hacking Game

Zachtronics’ 2018 puzzler Exapunks puts you in the role of a hacker in an alternate 1997, while some of the game’s historical components feel surprisingly contemporary. The ‘phage’ plague has devastated the cyberpunk society, and our hacker protagonist must pay $700 every day to stay alive. A mysterious AI offers to maintain dosing in exchange for the protagonist’s service.

You do this by reading the game’s bundled PDF zine, Trash World News, and inputting commands to control tiny digital robots called EXAs as they scamper over digital grids. Exapunks, like Quadrilateral Cowboy, aim to do more than only feed you the powerful delusion that you already have it; it also wants to teach you a new skill. You can create your own games within the game using the programming language it teaches you. Putting forth more effort in Exapunks than in a game like Watch Dogs Legion is rewarded immensely.

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