What Do The Blue, Gray, and Gold Checkmarks Mean on Twitter?

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What Do The Blue, Gray, and Gold Checkmarks Mean on Twitte

Twitter will soon include blue, grey, and gold checkmarks, according to Elon Musk, but what do they signify and how exactly are they different?

The regulations governing having verified accounts have changed ever since Musk assumed control of Twitter, among other modifications to the platform.

Before Musk arrived, verified accounts were made available to well-known individuals, businesses, and more. It hasn’t, however, been changed to a premium feature.

What Do Blue, Grey, and Gold Checkmarks Mean?

In a tweet, Elon Musk stated that the government will be represented by a grey checkmark, while celebrities, journalists, and other notable individuals will be represented by blue checkmarks.

To ensure that individuals can quickly identify the source from which the information is originating, these new colors are being used.

What Do The Blue, Gray, and Gold Checkmarks Mean on Twitte

Additionally, Musk stated that all verified accounts will require manual authentication before receiving account checks. This is done to ensure that fraudulent accounts are not verified.

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When Is This Going to Be Implemented?

This will debut the next week on Friday, December 2. The information was released months after Musk said users would have to pay an $8 monthly fee to maintain their platform verification.

As long as people are allowed to post and watch whatever they want, the platform will continue to operate as before.

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Features that Verified Users Enjoy

Musk has repeatedly defended his choice to charge for verified accounts while also highlighting some of the services that would be made available to them.

Verified users will receive preference in replies, mentions, and searches. The purpose of this is to prevent spam and fraud from appearing on the platform.

What Do The Blue, Gray, and Gold Checkmarks Mean on Twitte

Additionally, they can upload lengthy audio and video files and have half as many adverts as normal users.

Additionally, verified users will receive a supplementary tag that will show up next to the names of famous people. If you work for a company, you can identify it with this tag.


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