How to Watch the Halloweentown Movies Sequentially?

halloween town in order

The time has come! The leaves are turning, the weather is becoming cooler, and Halloween is near. For many, Halloween means scary movies and TV shows. But for others, it’s a time to watch Halloweentown flicks.

Family-friendly films about Marnie Piper, a young witch who discovers her heritage and talents. If you want to have fun this Halloween, watch the Halloweentown flicks in order.

Based on Paul Bernbaum’s characters, The Halloweentown film series was a Disney Channel Original Movie. Four Halloweentown fantasy films have been released.

In this blog post, we’ll look at the films in order and share fun tidbits. So grab some popcorn and watch a Halloween movie marathon. So let’s dig into the Halloweentown flicks’ enchantment.

Order of Halloweentown Movies

All movies are listed by year:

  1. Halloweentown (1998)
  2. Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge (2001)
  3. Halloweentown High (2004)
  4. Return to Halloweentown (2006)

Halloweentown Movies in Order

1. Halloweentown – (1998)

halloween town in order

Marnie and her siblings Dylan and Sophie quarrel with their mother, Gwen, over Halloween. Their grandmother Aggie encourages this. Aggie and Gwen are witches, but Gwen wishes to live as a mortal while Aggie plans to train Marnie. Aggie reads the kids “Halloweentown,” a bedtime story about spooky creatures. Sophie says Marnie is a witch in the book.

As Aggie goes, the youngsters accompany her to Halloweentown on a magical bus. Instead of taking them home, Aggie trains Marnie as a witch. However, Aggie says she must overcome a hooded demon-like wicked thing. Aggie brings the kids shopping for a talisman to destroy the beast.

Gwen visits Halloweentown to get the kids. Unable to find transport back to the mortal realm, she asks the mayor and her ex-boyfriend, Kalabar, for help. Gwen, the kids, and Aggie track her to an abandoned theatre where they find the missing Halloweentown people frozen in time. The devil freezes Gwen and Aggie, and they flee.

The youngsters gather the talisman’s materials afterward. They must place the talisman in a huge jack-o’-lantern to destroy the demon. The demon Kalabar stops them and reveals himself. He preaches to the townspeople to assist him in taking over the mortal world.

As Marnie activates the talisman, Kalabar freezes her. As she’s about to be frozen, she drops the talisman into the lamp, unfreezing her and the others in the theatre.

Kalabar gets the talisman and vows to control the mortal and magical worlds with it. Gwen, Aggie, and children with magic powers destroy Kalabar. Finally, the family returns to the mortal realm, where Gwen and Aggie agree to teach Marnie as a witch.

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2. Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge (2001)

halloween town in order

At a Halloween party, Marnie shows Kal Aggie’s enchanted room. Marnie doesn’t know Kal is Kalabar’s son and steals Aggie’s spellbook. Soon Aggie detects miraculous side effects.

Together with Marnie, they travel to Halloweentown and find that the people have transformed into monotonous humans, including Luke the goblin. “Grey Spell” is what Aggie calls it.

Soon they found Kal stole Aggie’s book to keep her from thwarting his father’s retribution on Halloweentown and the mundane world. Marnie reverts Luke to his goblin form. As they can’t explain the spell’s undoing, they feel it’s temporary. The trio visits Gort’s lair, where rubbish from the universe gathers.

Aggie starts falling for the Grey Spell, but Marnie time travels to Gort’s house before everything happened. They learn that 50 years ago, Gort sold Kalabar a spare spellbook. Marnie learns she can break the Grey Spell by pronouncing “Trapa” (backward “Apart”).

Kal is trying to turn the mortal world into a Halloweentown parody. At a Halloween party, Kal curses the visitors, including Gwen, into monsters. Aggie is freed from the Grey Spell by Marnie, but they’re stranded in Halloweentown.

Marnie and Aggie can travel to the mortal world after her siblings craft a new spell. Kal attacks Marnie with evil magic, but she snatches his magical books. By his own desire, Kal is sent away with his power, promising to return with vengeance. Both worlds’ spells can be broken by the family.

3. Halloweentown High (2004)

halloween town in order

Marnie’s getting ready for a new school year. She offers that Halloweentown students visit her high school. Concerned about the Knights of the Iron Dagger tale (in which knights set out to destroy all magical items), they gave in only when she bet all of Cromwell’s magic on her idea.

She was joking, but no one knew. if things go wrong by midnight on Halloween, her family loses their magic. Marnie’s school gives Halloweentown pupils enchanted disguises. Aggie disguises herself as a substitute teacher and creates a remote magical locker for Halloweentown’s pupils.

New student Cody falls for Marnie. The Knights of the Iron Dagger warn in several ways. Students lose their disguises, the magical locker is broken into, and Cassie is missing.

Aggie and Marnie soon realize that the school principal is Knight. Unbeknownst to them, Dalloway, chairman of the Witches Council, is employing Flanagan to ensure Marnie’s quest fails and Halloweentown remains secluded.

At the Halloween festival, Dalloway assaults mortal students by turning inanimate monsters alive. Flanagan then mobs the Halloweentown students. Dalloway appears and absorbs their magic as mortal gangs approach. In Halloweentown, he seals the link between realms.

The mob is initially hostile to the Halloweentown residents, but Cody shames them by asking if they’ll embrace Marnie now that she’s like them. The crowd embraces Halloweentown students for who they are, and Flanagan stops being a knight.

Aggie uses a witch’s glass to capture Dalloway as he escapes. They find Cassie, who Dalloway jailed. Through projections, the Council imprisons Dalloway in another witch’s glass. Aggie and Marnie recover from Dalloway.

The Halloween carnival has an open link to Halloweentown. People from Halloweentown can visit the mortal world to enjoy the carnival with mortals. Cody and Marnie kiss while flying over the carnival on a broom.

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4. Return to Halloweentown (2006)

halloween town in order

Gwen is upset when Marnie, aged 18, decides to attend Witch University in Halloweentown. Gwen makes Dylan follow her to keep an eye out. At university, Gwen and Dylan learn they can’t use magic. Annessa, a genie, befriends Marnie. She also makes enemies with the Sinister Sisters, a trio of witches whose father is the university’s chancellor (unbeknownst to her). Dylan likes the Sinister Sisters.

A silver box marked “S. Cromwell” is given to Marnie. The box is taken by Silas. The Dominion is Silas and a group of teachers. They want Marnie to open the package to get the prize inside. Professor Periwinkle tells Marnie S. Cromwell means Splendora Cromwell.

Dylan and Marnie find “The Gift” in Splendor’s silver box after a thousand years. Unknown to them, the Dominion was watching them and planned to use him to take over Halloweentown. Dylan falls for the Sinister Sisters.

Marney asks Periwinkle for help, so he sends her back to meet Splendora. There, she discovers that the Gift is a powerful necklace that can control anyone. Splendora is Aggie (who adopted the name Aggie due to her middle name being Agatha).

Marnie is threatened by the Dominion to use the necklace to conquer Halloweentown when she returns to the present. Aneesa helps Marney switch them on, trapping the jewelry in her genie lamp. They destroy the lamp and jewelry.

The Dominion is caught by Periwinkle, a Halloweentown detective. Dylan realizes that Marnie didn’t destroy the jewelry, but hid it for him instead. Dylan hides the necklace and uses it as needed.

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