‘High School Musical’ Secrets: Here’s Why Zac Efron Didn’t Sing ‘High School Musical’

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High School Musical fans have gone crazy when Zac Efron teased a return to the franchise.

The 34-year-old was asked if he would be interested in a High School Musical revival in a new interview with E!, to which he said, “Of course, of course.”

“Honestly, any opportunity to work with that crew in any capacity would be incredible.” My heart still beats. That would be fantastic. He continued, “I hope that occurs.”

Fans aren’t holding their breath after the star failed to appear at ABC’s High School Musical reunion in 2020.

A look back at Zac Efron in High School Musical as he teases return and why he didn’t sing 1

He didn’t show up for the sing-along with Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens, instead of sending out a video message saying, “It’s my greatest joy to introduce a musical performance by some of my oldest friends.”

Let’s take a look back at Zac’s participation in the franchise, including why he didn’t sing in the first film, as fans hope for a High School Musical 4…

Zac Efron Was the Hsm Heartthrob:

Zac Efron rocketed to stardom as Troy Bolton in High School Musical and is now known for his appearances in Baywatch, The Greatest Showman, and the Ted Bundy thriller Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile.

Troy is a popular guy who is the coach of the Wildcats basketball team, which all the girls lust over.

In the first film, the great athlete falls for Vanessa Hudgens’ nerdy girl Gabriella Montez, and the two end up singing together in the school musical.

Then, as they finish school for the summer in High School Musical 2, their relationship becomes a little rough. Troy begins working at a prestigious country club, and the two reignite their romance.

Troy and Gabriella prepare to graduate from high school in the third and final film, with the basketball championship, prom, and graduation all on the horizon.

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Zac was adored by young ladies all throughout the world who grew up watching High School Musical, and the entire generation (now in their twenties) is still smitten with him in 2022.

He Didn’t Sing in The First Movie:

The classic songs are the best part of High School Musical, but did you realize that Zac didn’t sing in the first film? He wanted to do it, but the voice of Canadian actor Drew Seeley was picked instead.

He appears to have recorded all of the songs with his own voice, and we know he can sing from The Greatest Showman, but his versions of the songs did not make the final cut.

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“In the first movie, when everything was recorded, my voice was not on them,” he told the Orlando Sentinel later. I didn’t get much of an explanation.”

“It simply kind of fell into place.” Unfortunately, this left me in an uncomfortable situation. It wasn’t something I expected to hear about. Then there was High School Musical,” he continued.

His voice was not used since it was not appropriate for the part, according to IMDb.

According to the site, producers decided to utilize Drew instead of Zac since his natural voice was too low for Troy.

Zac Fought to Sing in The Sequels:

Zac lobbied with producers after the first film’s debut to be able to sing in the two sequels, and his wish was granted.

“For me, that was a major factor. “I had to battle and put my foot down to get my voice on these recordings,” he explained.

His voice was later heard in High School Musical 2 and High School Musical 3 by fans.

Drew, on the other hand, took his position on the 2006 tour High School Musical: The Concert while he was filming Hairspray.

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