Gorilla vs. Human: Who Would Win in an Epic Bench Press Battle?

How Much Could a Gorilla Bench Press? Even without any formal training, gorillas have the potential to surpass all human bench press records. Scientific research has demonstrated that male silverback gorillas possess remarkable strength through their natural activities like climbing, swinging, and moving in trees.

In fact, a male silverback gorilla is often stronger than the combined strength of 20 adult humans. Additionally, they can lift objects up to 10 times their own body weight.

Gorillas are renowned for their impressive punching force of 1800 pounds, yet this pales in comparison to their bench press capabilities. The astonishing fact is that they can bench press even more than their considerable squatting and deadlifting strengths.

How Much Could a Gorilla Bench Press

Estimates suggest that a gorilla could squat an impressive 2000 pounds, but the most astonishing aspect is their ability to bench press even greater weights. While they could deadlift around 2400 pounds, their upper body strength, which is their primary focus, enables them to achieve even greater bench press results.

In the hypothetical scenario where a gorilla engages in a bench press, they could lift an astounding 4800 pounds, shattering the current human bench press record of 1350 pounds.

But Why Are Gorillas So Incredibly Strong?

How Much Could a Gorilla Bench Press

Observing gorillas in renowned national parks like Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga National Park in Uganda provides insights into their impressive strength. Notably, the musculature of their arms is prominently visible.

Mountain gorillas, which move on all fours, subject their arms to substantial stress-related activities on a daily basis. This constant demand for arm strength results in significant exercise without the need for gym sessions, unlike human practices.

This consistent physical activity, combined with their herbivorous diet consisting of leaves, stems, bark, fruits, and an astonishing variety of 142 different plant species, likely contributes to the mountain gorillas’ exceptional muscular strength.