What Age Was Itachi when He Passed Away?

One of the most recognizable Naruto characters ever is Uchiha Itachi. His selfless sacrifice for the Konoha village and his brother Sasuke is admirable, and his incredible talent and martial prowess are astounding. He is to blame for both the Uchiha Clan’s demise and the village’s preservation. He met his demise when he passed away after a struggle with his adored sibling Sasuke. We will examine Uchiha Itachi’s age at death in the Naruto series in this post.

Itachi died when he was almost 22 years old, at least in the manga and anime. More specifically, some supporters believe he was one month away from turning 22. Sasuke and Itachi’s age disparity—the former was 12 or 13 years old in the first part of Naruto and was 16–17 years old in the second—was a major giveaway. Sasuke was 16 years old at that particular arc, thus if you multiply their ages by two, it comes out that Itachi was 21 and a half when he passed away.

With all the information acquired, we will continue this conversation. The emphasis will be on the age gap between Itachi and Sasuke, and more details of Itachi’s passing will be revealed.

Who Kills Itachi?

Sasuke Didn’t Actually Put Itachi to Death the Conventional Method. Itachi Had Intended to Lose the Battle, Which Would Have Given Sasuke More Fame and Power, and Brought the Clan Back Together. Itachi’s Acts as An Akatsuki Member Were Intended to Encourage Sasuke to Become More Powerful and Demonstrate that He Posed a Danger to The Leaf Village.

how old was itachi when he died

Nobody Knew the Cause of Itachi’s Respiratory Disease, Which Was Killing Him. Itachi, According to Tobi, Has Started Taking Medication to Help Him Live Longer Because His Condition Might Prevent His and Sasuke’s Plan from Succeeding.

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How Old Was Itachi when He Was Killed?

The Circumstances Behind Itachi’s Passing Are Both Complex and Straightforward. Sasuke Was Stronger than Him and Defeated Him in The Fight, but Itachi Was Substantially Weaker Due to An Unidentified Lung Ailment. Some Viewers Surmised It Was Mpa (microscopic Polyangiitis), a Disorder that Results in The Ballooning of Small Blood Vessels. This Was Assumed as A Result of Itachi’s Constant Bloody Cough.

Although It Was Never Proven, It Was Cool for The Fans to Inquire Further About Itachi’s Health Because, to Be Honest, He Never Appeared to Be at Full Strength During His Battle with Sasuke. the Authors of Naruto Never Explicitly Stated a Character’s Age, but They Did Use Oblique Clues that Revealed the Character’s True Age.

Itachi Experienced Many Life-Changing Events that May Be Considered Milestones. He First Saw the Brutality and Devastation of The Third Shinobi War when He Was Four Years Old.

how old was itachi when he died

At the Age of 5, He Made Shisui His Best Buddy. Itachi Completed His First Year at The Ninja Academy at Age 7 and Graduated at The Top of His Class. He Joined Team 2 Under the Direction of Yuki Minazuki at Age 8, Having Mastered His Sharingan. at The Age of 10, He Became a Chunin Two Years Later. at The Age of 11, He Was Enlisted in The Anbu Corps.

Here, Itachi’s Situation Began to Unravel. He Acquired Mangekyo Sharingan at The Age of 12, After Witnessing the Passing of His Best Buddy Shisui. Itachi, Who Rose to The Rank of Anbu Captain at The Age of 13, Was in Charge of Killing the Uchiha Clan.

A Few Months Later, He Became a Member of Akatsuki, Where He Travels Alongside Kisame and The Two of Them Carry out Missions. He Returns to Konoha at The Age of 17 with Kisame in An Effort to Capture Naruto. in Order to Give Akatsuki Time to Free Shukaku from Gaara, Itachi, and Kisame Delay Konoha and Suna Ninjas a Few Years Later (naruto Shippuden Time Leap).

how old was itachi when he died

Itachi and Kisame Set out To Capture Yonbi, the Four-Tailed Beast when They Were Each 21 Years Old. He Encounters Sasuke on The Way, Who Is on A Mission to Get Revenge on His Brother, And, in turn, Atone for The Massacre of This Clan.

When Itachi and Sasuke Start Fighting, It Is Epic. Even if Itachi Uses All of His Skills Against His Brother, They Come Off as Clumsy and Ineffective. Sasuke Battles Itachi Using Everything He’s Learned from Orochimaru (who Was Also Sealed Into Him) and His Own Sharingan Abilities, and He Nearly Wins. Itachi Puts up A Good Battle Against Sasuke Despite His Terrible Condition and Wins.

how old was itachi when he died

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Background on Itachi

Due to His Assistance in The Growth of Konoha, Itachi Uchiha Is One of The Most Well-Known Figures in The Naruto Universe. He Is Infamous for Killing His Entire Clan in Order to Protect Them from Suffering and Annihilation in The Future.

Later, He Joined the Uchiha Clan as A Shinobi, and At the Age of 14, He Was Appointed Anbu Commander. the Massacre of The Uchiha Clan, Which Took Place on November 2nd, Is Well Remembered for Itachi’s eradication of his clan. His demise is still an open question.