What Age Was Yoda when He Passed Away? in “star Wars,” He Lived for Hundreds of Years.

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how old was yoda when he died

Yoda has been a fan favorite since his debut in the original Star Wars film in 1980. Audiences were caught off guard by the reveal that the tiny old man was the legendary Jedi master Obi-Wan had been talking about earlier in the film (a twist that would quickly be surpassed by an even bigger twist later in the movie).

Yoda’s aura of mystery has persisted throughout the years and the expansion of the Star Wars world. We have no idea what planet Yoda comes from or what species he belongs to. Yaddle and Grogu, both from the new Mandalorian TV series, are two of the few surviving members of his race to make an appearance in the intervening years. Even still, the fact that this mysterious species appears to have exceptionally long life spans is one of the few things we do know about them.

how old was yoda when he died

Despite looking like a small child, Grogu was said to be 50 years old when he was originally introduced to us in The Mandalorian (formerly known as The Child). There have been multiple references to Yoda’s long lifespan throughout the series. Still, how old was Yoda when he passed away in Return of the Jedi?

How Old Was Yoda in Episode VI?

Yoda mentions his long life span several times during the original film trilogy. In “The Empire Strikes Back,” Luke and Yoda have their first encounter. Yoda explains that he has been instructing Jedi for the past 800 years. In Return of the Jedi, Yoda tells Luke that he won’t look as good at 900 years old as he does now.

If we take Yoda at his word, the Jedi Master lived to be a ripe old age of 900 when he passed away. It’s possible Yoda rounded up or down when he mentioned these two figures. What difference does a year or two make when your expected lifespan is nine centuries? As of yet, we can only guess that Yoda passed dead at the age of nine hundred because we know so little about his life.

how old was yoda when he died

It’s worth noting that Yoda’s rare references to his age provide some intriguing clues about his background. Since Yoda is already 900 years old when we first see him in the original trilogy and has been training Jedi for 800 years, we can estimate that he started training his first Jedi when he was around 100 years old. If Grog is 50 years old, he is halfway to the age when he can begin his own Jedi training.

Of course, we have no idea how Yoda’s species ages, and there aren’t enough analogs to determine whether or not Yoda is an exceptionally gifted outlier. As a result, if The Mandalorian ends up lasting for 50 seasons, then hopefully we’ll meet Grogu’s first padawan before the end of the program!

Yoda Was Hundreds of Years Old when He Died.

After Failing to Defeat Darth Sidious in the Fight, Yoda Was Exiled to Dagobah at The End of Revenge of The Sith and Lived for A Few More Decades There Afterward.

In the Final Moments of Return of The Jedi, Yoda Tells Luke that He Is Exactly 900 Years Old. He Was the Last Jedi to Instruct Luke, and He Reappeared to His Pupil as A Force Ghost, Along with Two Other Former Jedi Companions.

how old was yoda when he died

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How Old Was Yoda in The High Republic?

About 250 Years Before the Events of The Phantom Menace, in The Era of Star Wars Known as The High Republic. Yoda’s Age in Episode 1 Can Be Roughly Calculated Using the Timeline Established in Return of The Jedi by Subtracting Roughly 36 Years. when Anakin Became a Jedi Knight, He Would Have Been About 864 Years Old.

Yoda Would Have Been in His Early 600s at The Time of The Events Depicted in The Books and Comics, 286 Years Before He Passes Away. Taking Into Account the Time Shift of 150 Years Back in The Later Novels Published in Late 2022, His Actual Age Is Probably Closer to 460. He Is Youngish for His Species, Therefore He Has a Lot to Learn.

how old was yoda when he died

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Yoda’s Actual Age upon Death Is Often Speculated to Be 900, Based on Hints He Left in Both the Empire Strikes Back and Return of The Jedi.

Yoda’s Age in Human Years Is a Bit More Tricky, but According to One Source, We May Divide His Death Age of 900 by The Current Worldwide Life Expectancy of 72 to Reach 12.5 Years for The Species to Match One Human Year.

According to Another Source, One Human Year Is Equal to Ten Years. Both Sources Present an Approximation Rather than An Exact Figure, Given that Wookieepedia States that The Species Matures at The Age of 100.

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