How Do I Permanently Delete My Reddit Account?

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how to delete reddit account

Reddit is a helpful resource for connecting with like-minded individuals and finding information. However, what if you’ve had enough?

Reddit can be entertaining to use occasionally, but what happens when you’ve had enough? You may have chosen to utilize another app in its place or you may just no longer require the platform.

Whatever your motivation, you’ve come to this page to learn how to deactivate your Reddit account. Sometimes the procedure is a little difficult, but we’ll teach you how.

Before You Delete Your Reddit Account, Read This:

Reddit Can Be Removed, but Only from Specific Platforms

If you don’t want to leave a trail, it’s crucial to remove posts and comments before closing your Reddit account. If you deactivate your account without deleting these, your posts and comments will still be available on the website, only without a username.

Even if you delete Reddit, sent messages will continue to show up in users’ inboxes unless they also erase them. But once more, if the user tries to identify who sent it, they will just see “[removed]”.

Additionally, bear in mind that if you have Reddit Premium, the website won’t immediately terminate your membership if you deactivate your account. You must cancel the subscription on your iPhone or iPad if it was purchased using your Apple ID.

You’ll also need to cancel your subscription through the Play Store if you bought it for Android. You can cancel if you paid with PayPal or a credit/debit card by going to the Subscriptions section of your User Settings.

You cannot temporarily deactivate your Reddit account, which is something else to keep in mind. When something is gone, it’s gone.

How to Delete Your Posts and Comments on Reddit

Let’s start by demonstrating how to remove posts and comments before we discuss how to cancel a Reddit account.

Simply follow the instructions below to complete the procedure.

  • Go to on your browser.
  • Enter your username and password, then hit login.
  • Navigate to your profile.
  • When you see the post you want to delete, select the three dots and scroll down to Delete.

how to delete reddit account

To delete a comment, the steps are almost identical. All you need to do is select Comments > More > Delete. Go to on your browser.

How to Delete Your Reddit Account

You are now aware of how to remove posts and comments from Reddit. You also know what you need to know before closing your account and where to go for assistance when canceling a Reddit Premium membership.

how to delete reddit account

Moving on, let’s talk about how to close your Reddit account.

How to Delete Your Reddit Account on iOS

On an iOS device, you can easily delete your Reddit account. Just adhere to the directions below.

On your device, launch the Reddit app.

how to delete reddit account

The profile photo is located in the upper right corner. Click on it.

how to delete reddit account

Scroll down to Delete account after choosing Settings.

How to Deactivate Reddit Account on The Internet

Your Reddit account may be deleted from the web just as easily as from an iOS device. Simply adhere to the instructions below.

  • On a computer, access and log in.
  • Your username and avatar are located in this location. Click here.
  • Choose User Settings from the dropdown menu that appears next.
  • Click Delete Account at the bottom of the page.

how to delete reddit account

Your login, password, and an optional feedback form will be required of you. To proceed, check the box next to “I realize that deactivated accounts are not recoverable” and click Deactivate.

how to delete reddit account

On Android, there is no way to remove your account at the moment. Consequently, you must use the website.

Can I Go Back to Reddit After Deleting an Account?

Feel free to remove your account if you’re certain you no longer want Reddit. However, bear in mind that once it has been deleted, there is no way to retrieve it back.

However, simply because you previously deleted an account won’t prevent you from re-joining Reddit. If you change your mind and decide Reddit makes your life better than it would be without it, you can sign up as a new user.

Deleting Your Reddit Account Is Easy

Finding others with similar interests and getting answers to your queries are both easy to do on Reddit. Having said that, the platform is not for everyone, and wishing to erase your profile is quite acceptable.

We covered all the details of how to remove a Reddit account in this article. There are other platforms available for you to try if you want to broaden your social media horizons.

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