How To Get Honeycomb In Minecraft? And How To Use It? [Easy Guide]

Honeycomb, one of two products obtained from a bee nest or beehive, is one of Minecraft’s most underappreciated in-game goods.

Honeycomb is rather easy to obtain, however harvesting it is complicated by the fact that it provokes aggressive behavior from bees.

Most of the time, when a player takes honeycomb from a bee nest or hive, the bees within become enraged and turn on the player.

Bees in Minecraft inflict poison damage on the player in addition to stinging damage, therefore if a swarm is attacking a player, they may die as a result of the onslaught.

You may collect honeycomb from bee nests and hives in Minecraft without evoking the wrath of angry bees by following these instructions.

What Is The Best Way To Get Honeycomb In The Game Minecraft?

The only way to get a honeycomb in Minecraft is to use a pair of shears on a bee nest or honeycomb. Take it one step at a time.

Locate the Bee’s Nest.

How To Get Honeycomb In Minecraft

Two Iron Ingots, obtained by smelting Iron Ore, are required to create Shears. Your Crafting Table’s middle slot should have one Iron Ingot while its bottom-left slot should contain the other Ingot.

Next, you’ll need to locate a Bee Nest that contains honey. Throughout the globe, you’ll find bees buzzing about the nests that are spawned in trees. In order to harvest the honeycomb’s contents, you must first find one that is filled with honey.

During the day, when it’s not raining, a Bee Nest’s bees will swarm to search for pollen. Bees that return to the Nest and then leave again raise their “honey level” by one point. You’ll observe honey oozing from the Nest when the honey level reaches level 5. It’s ready to depart now.

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Harvesting The Honeycomb

Harvesting The Honeycomb

Get close to the Nest and use your Shears to get it. The honey level will drop back to zero after the Honeycombs burst out in threes.

You’ll have to be careful when harvesting from a Bee Nest because all the bees within will emerge and chase you. They won’t let you go until you’ve been stung, which will inflict immediate harm and poison you for a short period of time.

Using a campfire within five blocks of the Nest will keep the bees at bay, as will building a fire right underneath the Nest. The bees are put at ease by the smoke from the fire, which prevents them from stinging you.

How To Get Honeycomb In Minecraft

The more times you do this, the more Honeycomb you’ll collect. As long as there are bees in the region, the bee nests will last indefinitely.

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In Minecraft, What Is Honeycomb Used For?

A beehive in Minecraft is created using a honeycomb, which is the manufactured equivalent of a bee nest.

Beehives made of wood and honeycomb look and function better than natural bee nests because they are easier to construct.

A silk touch tool is required to collect bee nests in a player’s survival inventory, and this can take a long time, especially early in the game.

Honeycomb can be used in a slew of different crafts projects.

Beehives are similar to bee nests in operation, but they may be placed virtually anywhere. Honeycomb should fill the middle row of your Crafting Table, which should be filled with Planks.

Beehives do not include bees; you must either wait for the bees to find the hive on their own or use flowers to entice them to the hive (bees will follow anyone holding a flower). Three bees can live in a Beehive at a time.

How To Get Honeycomb In Minecraft

Next, you’ll be able to produce candles. Placing a candle on the ground provides light, but you’ll need to light it with Flint and Steel. Make your own Candle by placing a piece of String over a Honeycomb.

Honeycomb Blocks can be made by arranging four pieces of Honeycomb in a square anyplace on your Crafting Table. Designed to seem like a honeycomb, this decorative block is merely for show.

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How To Get Honeycomb In Minecraft

Waxed Copper is created by mixing one piece of honeycomb with any copper object. The oxidation of copper goods can be prevented by waxing them, allowing them to retain their original color.