How to Purchase La Melo Ball’s New Puma Footwear Is Provided.

How to purchase LaMelo Ball's new Puma footwear is provided.

Sneakerheads, pay attention. The MB.02, LaMelo Ball’s most recent collaboration with PUMA, will be on sale this week, so fans may start purchasing them on Friday.

Ball, who has a PUMA affiliation and is only 21 years old, has already had one signature sneaker created with the athletic brand, which was released last year.

Fans want to know everything about the shoe, from its hue to its pricing, with only a few days till its release. Let’s look at this…

La Melo Ball Set to Launch Mb.02 Shoes

Ball’s newest PUMA Hoops model, the MB.02, has a fresh silhouette and a NITRO-infused midsole that is meant to resemble Ball’s distinctive wings. The athlete explained to PUMA that the “golden kid” symbolized by his eponymous wings tattoo, which has come to symbolize him, is real.

The sneaker also has co-branding on the tongue and heel, a rubber outsole that prevents slipping, and a light woven mesh top.

Ball stated that he is “extremely proud” of his collaboration with PUMA on the second iteration of his “signature” shoe.

How to purchase LaMelo Ball's new Puma footwear is provided.

Balls said the following about his brand-new kicks: “When designing the MB.02, we took the designs to the next level to express my particular flair with the flames, RARE, and 1 of 1 graphics and bold colors. With the release of MB.02, I’m eager to see how fans interact with the MB franchise.

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Here’s how You Can Get a Pair of Mb.02 Puma Sneakers

On October 21 at 10 a.m. ET, the PUMA MB.02 is scheduled to go on sale.

The sneaker is available in the PUMA NYC Flagship store, on the PUMA website, and in the PUMA mobile app.

Additionally, Champs Sports, Kids Foot Locker, and Foot Locker will all sell the sneakers.

How about the cost? Ball’s newest footwear costs $130 per pair.

You can check out the sneakers and their red, orange, and blue colorway on the PUMA website, which is exciting, before determining if you’re going to take the plunge.

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Ball’s Contract with Puma Explored

According to Forbes, Ball inked a contract with PUMA in October 2020 that was supposedly for $100 million.

Ball declared that the PUMA brand was “the perfect partner” for him and that he was “very happy to be joining the PUMA family.”

In a news statement, he stated: “PUMA will let me just be myself. Whether I’m playing basketball or flaunting my unique style, I want to be really authentic, and that’s what I want to accomplish with PUMA.

How to purchase LaMelo Ball's new Puma footwear is provided.

In addition to footwear, Ball has collaborated with PUMA on t-shirts, sweatshirts, jerseys, shorts, and more.

PUMA described the MB.01 as “bold” and “attention-grabbing” when it was first debuted.

It’s Melo in shoe form, according to PUMA.

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