How to Write Movie Review: Guideline & Writing Tips

Writing film reviews is a great way to polish your critical thinking, research, and writing skills. Looking deeply into things and analyzing them is useful for many disciplines and everyday life. A pleasant bonus of this practice is watching movies. Have you wanted to try your hand at writing a movie review for a long time but don’t know how to do it? You’ve come to the right place. Read on for valuable tips and advice on structure and style.

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Check Out The Samples

A good example is important in almost any case. As far as writing is involved, it is usually as relevant as ever. You might find a page with movie review essay examples or turn to the works of famous cinema critics. The main thing here is to capture the structure of these reviews and how the authors deal with analysis. Such examples can teach you how to find the golden middle between creativity and logic and write an excellent film review.

The power of samples also lies in the topics revealed. Sometimes writers can’t choose an appropriate subject, and other people’s works can help to make that decision. You can also make notes of how to start a movie review but be careful and use that info only as ideas and a source of inspiration. Don’t repeat the same phrases, and stay unique in your writing.

Writing Tips

So you have already watched a movie one or probably two times and looked through reviews samples. What comes next? Here are a few tips that can make your writing shine.

A Hook At The Beginning

Get people interested right from the off by presenting a catchy statistic or take on the film. The goal is to hook the reader at once. Your review relies on the first lines to hook readers and set the tone for the rest of the piece. You can use brief synopsis, an applicable event or film critique, important setting or backdrop as the ideas for your introduction.

Express Your Opinion At Once

Tell the audience straight up whether you like the film or not. Informing the audience early will give you more time to “prove” your rating. Cite concrete examples to back up your claims. It’s the same as in college essays. Every thought should be proven. Taking notes throughout the film will serve you well here. When trying to persuade someone of your point of view, you will find it challenging if you cannot back up your claims with evidence.

Stay Yourself

Writing a movie review also implies giving opinions on technical and artistic aspects. Comment on acting, soundtracks, technical choices, color patterns and visual effects on screen, etc. Engage your readers in discussing the film’s directing, cinematography, and setting. Your review shouldn’t go too much from your typical tone. Stay within yourself while writing. You may be both effective by being theatrical and serious. Express yourself using language that reflects your individuality.

Goals of Film Review

A review tells its audience about the movie in general and the issues it raises. Seems quite straightforward, doesn’t it? However, many students often make the mistake of reporting everything that happens and giving their opinion on it. You have the freedom to share thoughts and feelings. Nobody takes that away from you but remember to save some intrigue for the reader. Saying a few words about the characters, describing the setting, and giving a sense of the conflict is enough.

After all, reviews create an audience’s interest in a particular movie. It is important to maintain objectivity and fairness. A perfect critique incorporates both aspects. How to write a film review and stay fascinated through all the text? Experts recommend imagining your reader has never watched the movie. And your task is to present this cinema in all its glory.


A good movie review should do more than just enlighten the reader. It has to be entertaining and persuasive, offering the reviewer’s unique take on the film without giving too much of the storyline away. We hope our guide and examples helped you enhance your writing skills. Remember that there is no other way to improve than practice. Don’t stop, watch, and write, and soon you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labor. Good luck!