In Their Latest Campaign, Prada Trolled for A ‘Terrible’ Photo of Charli D’amelio

Although Charlie D’Amelio has long served as the face of Prada, some fans have criticized the social media influencer for seeming “awful” in some of her most recent campaign photos.

Since Charli has been actively promoting Prada on her platform for a considerable amount of time, their relationship goes back a long way.

When Charli was chosen to represent their newest advertising campaign, their partnership advanced. The images from it, nevertheless, have not been well received.


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Prada (@prada) shared a blog entry.

Prada Photographs by Charli D’amelio Were Investigated

Prada just shared some news photographs from their Prada Linea Rossa fall/winter 2022 collection on their social media platforms.

Everyone’s attention was quickly drawn to a photo of Charli in it. According to V Magazine, the new line focuses on warm, active gear that is ideal for cold cities or mountains.

Charli is depicted in the image sporting black athletic attire against a mountainous and urban backdrop.

Motion, transformation, and ongoing change are described in the description as “forever shifting along a line formed between two points.”

Even though Charli has appeared for the company before, this is the one occasion when consumers have not been impressed with the collection Prada presented.

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Fans Are Upset with The Most Recent Images

The partnership between Charli and Prada has been running strong for a long, and the fashion house has even invited the influencer to take part in several of its previous shows.

Given this, it is not surprising that Charli served as the spokesperson for the most recent advertising campaign. Nevertheless, many people appeared to be unimpressed with the photographs, and they were quick to express this in the comment area.

Omg, this is a terrible image she’s such a gorgeous girl how do you capture her in the gremlin phase,” one user commented.

Another person wrote, “I’m really upset at Prada,” echoing similar sentiments.

Some people did, however, support Charli’s most recent image. “@charlidameliois a queen for Prada and every kid in the comments is straight up envy because of the advantages she has,” one person said. Deal with it and literally unwind. You really are perfect, Charli. You rock, Glen Coco. One more said, “Pretty.”

The Collection Is Available for Purchase

Aside from the pictures, the collection is already on sale and can be purchased through the official website.

You can get there by clicking on the link here if you’d like to.