Submarine Controversy Involving Indiana Jones !

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indiana jones submarine controversy

A Type IA ocean-going U-boat, the U-26 was built by the Nazi Kriegsmarine as one of only two such vessels in service during World War II. U-26 was built in Bremen and put into service in May of that year. She had a brief but fruitful military career, sinking 11 ships. Germany used U-26 as a training ship and a propaganda vessel before World War II began.[reference needed] Her poor stability and slow dive rate made Type IA difficult to operate during her trials.

indiana jones submarine controversy

As a result of a shortage of submarines in early 1940, the vessel was drafted into combat duty. At least eleven ships were sunk by U-26, and another was badly damaged during its six war patrols. One British warship was severely damaged and three merchant ships were lost when U-26 set out on her first minelaying patrol. It became the first U-boat to enter the Mediterranean Sea during World War II on her second war patrol. This submarine was involved in three more successful patrols, resulting in the sinking of four more merchant ships.

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Colonel Dietrich, René Belloq and Maj. Toht from the Nazi Tanis archaeological expedition boarded the ship in 1936 and pursued the Bantu Wind, which was carrying Indiana Jones, Marion Ravenwood and the stolen Ark.

The following morning, the submarine caught up with the freighter and ordered it to come to a halt in the Mediterranean Sea, halfway between Egypt and Sicily. Dietrich, Belloq, Toht, and numerous other Nazis were sent over in launch boats while their ships’ deck guns were pointed at the suspicious merchant ship. As soon as the Bantu Wind’s crew was rounded up, soldiers found Marion Ravenwood with the Ark of the Covenant in her possession. As soon as Belloq and Dietrich returned to the Wurrfler, the ship’s officers began to prepare for departure.

indiana jones submarine controversy

The crew of the U-boat didn’t know that Indiana Jones had swum into the vessel and climbed the conning tower without their knowledge. The U-boat dove to its destination, and Jones used his whip to fasten himself to the periscope, grateful that submarines travel faster above water than below.  Arriving at the base near Crete, the submarine docked in a grotto-like submarine pen. Using some equipment to conceal his presence on the dock, Jones eventually acquired a Nazi mask and went undercover. After they emerged with Ravenwood, Belloq and Dietrich announced that everything had been set up according to Belloq’s wishes for the Ark’s opening at the Tabernacle. Captained by Klaus Ewerth during WWII, the vessel served as a minesweeper near the Strait of Gibraltar.

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Away from the public eye

In the comic, Indiana Jones is shown tying his whip to the periscope of the sub’s hull. The exterior submarine model for Wolfgang Petersen’s film Das Boot was borrowed for the filming of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Das Boot was filmed in La Rochelle, France, where the submarine shots were filmed. indiana jones submarine controversy

The film does not explain how Indiana Jones used the submarine to reach Geheimhaven without entering it. Indy was supposed to grab the Wurrfler’s periscope and take it to the island, but the scene was never used because the fedora was lost in the process. Nonetheless, this scene is included in the film’s novelization and comic book adaptation. In LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures and its sequel, the Wurrfler was also featured.. Instead of Oskar Schomburg and his crew, Belloq and Toht take control of the entire Wurrfler submarine in the sequel.

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Was Indiana Jones ruined forever by the Big Bang Theory?

There has been a lot of speculation that the popularity of The Big Bang Theory on CBS has something to do with the growing acceptance of geek culture. After becoming popular for its portrayal of the mischief perpetrated by a group of socially awkward know-it-alls, the show recently went too far by poking holes in Indiana Jones’ classic debut film Raiders of the Lost Ark.

indiana jones submarine controversy

“The Big Bang Theory may have ruined Indiana Jones forever,” What Culture wrote in the headline of their analysis of this debacle. When it comes to the long-loved action hero, your respect may be shattered forever. But if Kingdom of the Crystal Skull didn’t kill your enthusiasm for Indiana Jones, then nothing will. Amy (Mayim Bialik) spoils Sheldon’s (Jim Parsons’) love of Raiders of the Lost Ark for him when he shows her the movie on October 10th. The episode was titled “The Raiders of Minimization.” There is a “glaring story problem” in the movie, Amy claims. She elaborated, saying:

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What Everyone Else Ignores About Indiana Jones

There are numerous plot holes in the Indiana Jones films, which long-time fans have noticed. Indiana Jones is one of the most beloved characters in pop culture.

indiana jones submarine controversy

This is based on four films, three of which were actually good. It’s hard not to fall in love with a ruggedly handsome adventurer whose charms get him in and out of trouble. Even so, that doesn’t mean that everything is perfect.

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