Ink Master Season 15 Release Date? All You Need to Know the Arrival of Season 15!

Ink Master is an American reality competition television series. It was initially aired on Paramount Network. It premiered on January 17, 2012. The show features many tattoo artists who compete in various challenging tasks. The task assesses fundamental tattooing skills and artistic skills. Other renowned tattoo artists and enthusiasts judge them.

In each episode, one or two artists are eliminated. The contestant standing last in the season will receive a $100,000 prize. The contestant will also receive the title of ink master and a feature-linked magazine. Original media produce the television series. Original media also made Miami ink. There are 14 seasons of this epic television series. And now the new season is about to come out.

Ink Master Season 15 Release Date?

ink master season 15 release date


The first season of this epic reality show was premiered on January 17, 2012. it was first aired on a major network. The paramount network runner in this series for more than 13 seasons till 2022. the reality show has received decent views and critics from the audience. The makers of this epic series have not yet renewed season 15 or cancelled it.

If the officials have any update regarding their season 15, they will announce it through their social media page or any of their accounts. But till now, there has been no update. Therefore in September 2020, the show was cancelled by Paramount. as they decided to create more movies on this series.

In December 2020, the first two seasons were released on Netflix and removed the next year following the release of the third and fourth. In the same year, the makers announced the revival of Paramount+ and the release date was revealed to be September 7, 2022. Since then, they have been showing the series without any issues.

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Ink Master Season 15 Format

ink master season 15 release date

The format for ink master has remained the same since the beginning. The design always starts with a flash challenge. Where all the artist’s skill development is tested, the challenge also includes where tattooing does not need to be incorporated. Still, the contestant must be an expert in non-realistic artistic skills. The winner always gets to choose their human canvas in the elimination round.

The contestants can team up with their human canvas from the second season. When coming to the elimination challenge includes a particular style of tattooing. Once the participants collaborate with their chosen canvases, they get a day to consult on their following assignment. Every participant receives four to six hours to ink their design. After inking, they have to meet their jury.

Only our contestant is called back and primarily presents the week’s top and bottom two. One of them wins the award of best ink master and moves forward towards the next episode. Another contestant is eliminated. Also, in the ink master, there is no permanent cast. Every season, you will see different faces with different stories.

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Where to Watch Ink Master?

Since the officials and the makers have not released any official date for season 15, it is not available on any platform. But if you want to watch ink masters another season, you can watch it on Paramount+ with a subscription.