Is Astarion Gay? Exploring Sexuality of the Baldur’s Gate 3’s Companion!

Is Astarion gay? A companion in Baldur’s Gate 3 is named Astarion. BG3 Players can encounter Astarion when exploring the beach at the Nautiloid crash site early in Act 1.

Due to his cunning abilities, Astarion, a High-Elf Rogue, will be a valuable addition to your group. Regarding Astarion’s questline, see The Pale Elf.

In addition to offering the player assistance by joining their party, companions also have individual histories and traits.

They all come equipped with their beginning gear and classes, but you can alter their courses by respeccing in camp.

Companions can also be chosen as an Origin in the Character Creation screen, allowing users to play from their perspective.

He has a sophisticated speech and is articulate in a sarcastic manner, which is what causes many to assume that he is gay.

So, is Astarion gay? Or are these rumors just baseless? Let’s go right to it and read the article to get the truth about the character’s sexual orientation.

Is Astarion Gay?

is astarion gay

No, Astarion is not gay. Baldur’s Gate 3’s companion sexualizes things like violence and insignificant things, which leads to the stigmatization of LGBT people as being “promiscuous” among the majority of people.

From the perspective of straight guys (the no body hair, vanity, and sophisticated stuff), he speaks as a noble would, plus he’s a high elf (most people would say all-male high elves are kind of queer), which makes him seem less masculine.

Therefore, he is not depicted as gay; rather, he simply lacks the stereotypical masculinity that society expects of men, which I suppose leads some people to believe that he is gay (because anything that is not “male” is considered to be “female”).

Additionally, he has a line where he flirts with Shadowheart which is another factor to consider that Astarion is not gay. Although some tabloids claim him to be bisexual we don’t have enough evidence to prove his bisexuality.

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Exploring Astarion’s History

is astarion gay

Sometime before or around the 13th century DR, Astarion was changed. In an effort to entice a young nobleman toward his master, Astarion started wooing him in the Year of Three Ships Sailing, 1492 DR.

He was taken hostage by a mind flayer, held captive in a nautiloid, and infested with an illithid tadpole. Githyanki attacked the spelljammer as it traveled over Yartar while seated atop red dragons.

The nautiloid crashed when it teleported through the aircraft, and Astarion was left someplace on the other side of the River Chionthar.

Upon awakening, Astarion discovered that he had changed and become somehow stronger; instead of going through the ceremorphosis process, Astarion was able to withstand sunlight and speak telepathically.

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What Are Astarion’s Abilities?

Due to a mind-flayer tadpole infestation, Astarion was able to do things that a vampire or their offspring shouldn’t be able to accomplish, such as roam freely during the day, pass through moving water unscathed, and enter homes without permission.

While others with the same affliction tried to get rid of the parasite, Astarion worked to master it and his newfound abilities. Watch Baldur’s Gate 3 trailer here.