Is Good Omens Gay? Unveiling the Queerness of Good Omens!

Is Good Omens gay? Good Omens is a British fantasy comedy sitcom produced by Neil Gaiman based on his 1990 novel with Terry Pratchett of the same name.

The project, a collaboration between Amazon Studios and BBC Studios, was led by Douglas Mackinnon and also featured Neil Gaiman as showrunner.

Adria Arjona, Miranda Richardson, Michael McKean, Jack Whitehall, Nick Offerman, Brian Cox, Mireille Enos, Jon Hamm, and Frances McDormand serve as the series’ supporting roles alongside Michael Sheen and David Tennant.

Similar to the book, Good Omens follows a variety of individuals as they attempt to either promote or avert an impending Armageddon as seen through the eyes of the angel Aziraphale and the demon Crowley.

The entire first series was made available on Amazon Prime Video on May 31, 2019, and it broadcast once a week on BBC Two in the UK from January 15 to February 19, 2020.

Despite being planned and promoted as a limited series, the first season of the show was renewed for a second season in June 2021, with Sheen, Tennant, and the majority of the cast returning.

On July 28, 2023, the whole second season of the show was made available on Amazon Prime Video. Since the arrival of the show, many fans are shipping this as a queer show.

So, is Good Omens really gay? Or are these just assumptions? Let’s go right to it and read the article to get the truth and what show makers have to say on this.

 Is Good Omens Gay?

is good omens gay

Although the show maker Neil Gaiman never directly confirmed that if Crowley and Aziraphale are in a gay relationship but he has said many times that They’re an angel and a demon, not male humans.” 

When a fan further asked “But they love each other, right?” Neil Gaiman unhesitantly replied “Absolutely.” Which can initially appear to you as a lame excuse.

Because queer baiting is a real problem, the couple is depicted as masculine even though they aren’t in the human sense.

The LGBTQ+ community is frequently forced to read between the lines or label characters themselves in the lack of overt and meaningful representation, as is the case with some sequences in Good Omens, which undoubtedly read as flirtatious.

Gaiman was asked in an interview if he had thought about making this “love story” explicit or more tangible on screen to make up for it.

This would have been the ideal time to update the text for the present era while canonizing these original pieces.

No, not really, Gaiman responded, quoting a sentence from the book that reads, “Angels are sexless unless they specifically make an effort.” He continued:

“I like the idea that we know Crowley and Aziraphale don’t really… these are two ethereal and occult beings who aren’t really quite clear on what mammals are about, even. I don’t really think that they’ve sussed complicated human things like gender.”

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Many Renowned Authors & Screenwriters Have Depicted that Good Omens Is Canonically Queer

Even when it isn’t explicitly stated in the original text, a startlingly large number of authors and screenwriters have declared recently that their characters are canonically queer.

In an effort to placate the LGBTQ+ community, JK Rowling frequently claims that her works are more diverse than they actually are. She is a major offender in this regard.

Compared to the majority of these characters who had their identities changed after their releases, Crowley and Aziraphale are more overtly gay. On the other hand, Medium claims that this show is an asexual love story.

The Victorian Dandy lifestyle, which served as a blatant forerunner to modern queerness in both apparel and mentality, is specifically written into Sheen’s persona.

However, if a sexual relationship between the two were to be established on screen, that would ultimately change what is canon in the novel.

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Neil Gaiman on Labelling Characters

is good omens gay

The two are still in love with one another, despite this. The categories “gay,” “bi,” or even “pansexual” don’t quite fit in this context, even though Gaiman has frequently claimed that Crowley and Aziraphale are in love.

Gaiman noted in our conversation that the show’s narrative arc makes use of “all of the beats of a love story” to make it “purer and more fun.”

Watching their initial encounter, the development of their relationship, its ups and downs, their dramatic breakup on the bandstand in episode three, and what transpires afterward.

Because they weren’t made to reproduce, the theory goes, Crowley and Aziraphale don’t have the same kinds of sexual cravings that humans do. As a result, their relationship is portrayed as wholly platonic.

Gaiman’s handling of these characters has caused some queer fans to take offense, which is understandable, but the author’s remarks during a recent Twitter conversation turn that notion completely on its head.