Is Jackson Gay in Sex Education? Here’s Everything You Need to Know!

During the course of Sex Education season 3, Jackson Marchetti and Cal Bowman became closer to the point where they started to feel romantically attracted to one another.

However, at the end of the season, Jackson and Cal’s relationship falls apart for a number of reasons. From being Maeve Wiley’s romantic interest in Sex Education season 1, Jackson has gone a long way. 

Season 3 delves even deeper into Jackson’s development by introducing Cal, a non-binary student who transferred to Moordale after their family moved from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Season 2 of the show examined the challenges associated with being a top athlete. 

Cal and Jackson clicked right away, and during season three, they became closer because they both despised Headteacher Hope Haddon’s rigid, traditional school rules that restricted student speech.

At the conclusion of the third season of Sex Education, the friends had put an end to their progression into a serious relationship, despite Cal’s apparent attraction to Jackson as well.

Fans of the drama series Sex Education were eager to speculate about Jackson’s sexual orientation when the show’s final season premiered on Netflix because episode 2 of season 4 contained some indications about Jackson’s sexual orientation.

So, is Jackson gay in sex education? Let’s get right to it and read the article to find out what the real sexual orientation of Jackson is.

is jackson gay in sex education

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Is Jackson Gay in Sex Education?

No, Jacksom is not gay in Sex Education. The writers of Sex Education have worked so hard on the complex cast by this stage in the show’s existence that even a small pairing like Otis and Jackson may result in some incredibly enjoyable scenes.

Even though Jackson still teasingly brings up how much he dislikes Otis, these two have gone a long way from when they were first competing for Maeve’s love.

There’s an easy familiarity there when they stumble into each other in the Cavendish weight room—Otis wants to pump some iron after obsessively stalking Tyrone, Maeve’s jacked classmate—online.

In the end, everyone gives the other some consolation regarding their individual relationship problems. Needless to say, Jackson is still not over Cal. 

He is now so desperate for a clue that he might be gay that he is almost waiting for it to happen, as it would indicate they still stand a chance.

is jackson gay in sex education

Thus, he perceives his fuck buddy’s casual finger-up of his as a possible means of reuniting with the person who formerly much assisted in calming the constant din of anxiety in his thoughts.

In this entertaining and character-driven retelling of the event, Jackson’s unexpected orgasm causes a great deal of anxiety around the likelihood that he is gay.

The significance is deeper here. Jackson is shocked to learn that many heterosexual guys find pleasure in stimulating their prostates, as Otis notes.

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It’s actually bad news because there was no longer a way to get back to Cal. All the same, valuable lessons may be drawn from this, chief among them being that Jackson and Anabelle ought to exercise enthusiastic consent.

Jackson finds a suspicious bulge on his testicle during their final hookup, which sets up the next chapter in his story.