Is Lee Min Ho Gay? Debunking The Rumour Regarding The Top Actor In South Korea

Is Lee Min Ho Gay? South Korean heartthrob Lee Min Ho is known for working in several blockbuster Kdramas and K-movies. The ‘rom-com’ king has been working nonstop and has always been successful in captivating the viewers.

Known for his charms and personality, the handsome hunk has been linked with several Korean as well as international personalities. However, along with this, other kinds of rumors have always found a way to creep in as the ones regarding his sexuality.

A plethora of fans are curious to know if the Handsome Hunk of Korea is gay. Here we are to debunk this rumor and reveal the reality behind Lee Min Ho’s sexuality.

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Is Lee Min Ho Gay?

is lee min ho gay

No, lee Min Ho is not gay. the rumours are baseless and the very point of beginning of these rumors seems to be senseless. We have conducted a thorough research with a capable team who have been in contact with close sources and have revealed that Lee Min Ho is not gay.

It is quite common for South Korean male artists to be trapped in such senseless rumours based on speculations made by haters. Such speculations often take support of biological factors like facial hair growth and skin tone into consideration, completely ignoring the impact of geographical location, genes and cultural practices on our skin.

Additionally, Lee Min Ho has never talked about being gay or his sexuality in general in front of public and media.

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Who Is Lee Min Ho Dating?

is lee min ho gay

Lee Min Ho is a dashing actor who has made his name among the top actors in the country and in the world. He has been associated with several Korean and global artists. He was in a public relationship with Bae Suzy for three years. K-media and fans shipped the two together, and so did we 😉

Further, the actor was associated with co-star Park Shin Hye with who he had appeared in the superhit Kdrama ‘Heirs’. The actor was also paired with another co-star, Park Min Young while shooting for movie ‘City hunters’.

The fantastic chemistry between Kim Go Eun and Lee Min Ho in ‘The Eternal Monarch’ sparked rumors of the two being a couple off-screen as well. Not long after, rumours of Lee Min Ho dating the global star Taylor Swift broke the internet, leaving fans rolling on the bed and screaming with joy. However, the rumours were denied by his agency, MYM Entertainment.

There were also rumors of Lee in Ho dating Momoland’s Yeonwoo. On this, 9ATO, Yeonwoo’s agency said that the two had become close via games but the rumors are false.

Currently, it is speculated that the actor is in a serious relationship with actress Song Hye Kyo. We really hope that this true and as 2023 is the year of unexpected relationships, lets manifest this!