Is Oliver Otto Gay? Bringing ‘American Housewife’ Character’s Sexuality Into the Spotlight!

Fans of ‘American Housewife’ have always wondered about Oliver Otto’s sexuality since the show began. Oliver is the middle Otto’s child and the only boy. He starts out being materialistic and ambitious, but he learns to be more selfless as he grows up.

He has also had the same friend for the whole run of the show, which has made some fans wonder if there’s more to that friendship than meets the eye.

Is Oliver on ‘American Housewife’ Gay?

is oliver otto gay

No, Oliver Otto is not gay his sexual orientation is straight. Early on in the show ‘American Housewife‘, Oliver’s parents think that their son might be gay.

In one of the scenes, when they see that he and his friend Cooper practiced taking off their bras on each other and that his vision board has pictures of shirtless men, they think he might like guys.

In the episode, Oliver tells them that he isn’t and that his vision board is about the kind of body he wants to have one day. Oliver also went to dance school, and he said it was so he could get into Harvard faster.

During the third season of the show, both he and Cooper got women, but both characters were later written off the show. Oliver even spends an entire show trying to stop Cooper from telling his girlfriend that he loves her.

Instead, they tell each other they love each other at the end of the show. Obviously, the show gives the impression that it’s a bro-mantic kind of love that has nothing to do with romance.

After Oliver talks to a closeted football player on a teen hotline, the word gets around Oliver’s school that he is gay.

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Oliver’s Sexuality Comes as No Surprise to Anyone

is oliver otto gay

When word gets out that Oliver and Cooper are dating, both of them go with it because they think that making Oliver a “minority” might help him get into college.

Oliver’s ex-girlfriend and sister were not surprised when they hear the story. All of this suggests that the characters on the show have wondered about his sexuality just as much as fans have.

None of this is solid proof that Oliver is gay, but some fans are sure that the show is going to make a statement about it because it is brought up so often.

The fact that they’ve brought up his sexuality so many times this season alone makes me think they’re going somewhere with this,” one Reddit user said.

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Some fans have also thought that Oliver might not be gay, but might be bisexual instead. Throughout the show, he has shown real interest in women at different times. Like many teens, he may still be figuring out how he feels about his own love life.

No matter what American Housewife does with Oliver, it’s likely that most of the show’s fans will support the choice. Since there is already a lot of talk about this online, it seems that the show has at least succeeded in making people think about this question.