Is Red, White & Royal Blue Gay? Here’s Everything You Need to Know!

Is Red, White & Royal Blue gay? It’s corny pablum, the new movie Red, White & Royal Blue (Amazon, August 11). RW&RB, which is based on Casey McQuiston’s best-selling novel of the same name.

It depicts the tale of the love affair between the attractive grandson of the British king and the handsome son of the U.S. president.

It is a high-gloss soap that has been decorated in the bright colors and stagey speech of cheap Hallmark holiday crap.

Red, White & Royal Blue has already taken over Amazon Prime Video, and now people are curious as to whether or not the movie is gay.

So, is Red, White & Royal Blue gay? Or are these rumors just baseless? Let’s go right to it and read the article to get the truth.

Is Red, White & Royal Blue Gay?

is red white and royal blue gay

No, Red, White & Royal Blue is not gay but it is an LGBTQ romance. Director López does not want the story to be interpreted as a “gay” romance despite the fact that it is very much about two men falling in love (and desire).

Alex and Henry first hated each other to their very core before falling head over heels in love. There is only one minor issue: Henry is a British prince, while Alex is the son of the first female US president who is running for re-election.

As they attempt to determine whether they can be together without the rest of the world knowing, their love is star-crossed in an almost Shakespearean sense.

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Why Director of The Film Doesn’t Want It Called a ‘Gay’ Film?

is red white and royal blue gay

Prior to the movie’s debut, López disclosed in an interview with the PinkNews that viewers shouldn’t overlook the fact that Alex is bisexual. This means that the movie is LGBTQ romance not just gay. He claimed:

“I sometimes bristle when people say: ‘Oh, it’s two gay men’. Actually, no, it’s one gay man and one bisexual man.” 

“They are in love and they are a same-sex couple, yes. [But] as [is written] in the novel, and as in the movie, the B in LGBTQ is not a silent letter. That was really important to me because it was important to Casey [McQuiston].”

Many members of the LGBTQ+ community frequently have to fight off outmoded sexuality stereotypes, like the idea that they are “greedy” or haven’t come out as gay yet.

Despite most of the book focusing on Alex’s most recent romance, the character does go into length about being bisexual and his past relationship with Nora Holleran, the vice president’s granddaughter.

The notion that there might be space for those who desire both men and women, as well as Alex’s journey, are two things that López found to be really refreshing. López said:

“One of the things I thought was really refreshing about the book, is the idea that room can be held for people who desire men and women and the journey that Alex takes.”

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The transgender actress Aneesh Sheth’s transgender secret service agent character Amy’s origin story was also revealed by Lopez. The director stated:

“It was important that we make space for Amy as a character, and when we found Aneesh, I was like: ‘Well, this is who I want to play the role.”

Despite the fact that Amy’s last name is “Chen” in the book, López said that Sheth, who is of Indian heritage, had the power to decide on Amy’s name.

“Aneesh gave me a list of surnames. I picked the one I wanted, but I sent it to Casey who picked the one they wanted. We all agreed on the same one: Amy Gupta.”

Red, White & Royal Blue is now available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.