Is Sarah Pregnant in Outer Banks? New Season Bringing In More Surprises!

Is Sarah Pregnant in the Outer Banks? It has been a total rollercoaster ride with a perfect blend of love, drama, and twists and we are loving it! The Outer Banks has got all of our hearts. The love story of John B and Sarah in Season 3 had us banging our heads on the table. We weren’t over it and here we are with another season of the blockbuster series Outer Banks.

Fans have been left curious as to where the storyline is headed. The series has produced a tsunami of emotions with unexpected turns and twists and treasure hunting.  Well, not that we are complaining- we want MORE!!

Keep reading the article to know what waits ahead of us and what we expect from the storyline. Is Sarah pregnant in Outer Banks? Is Sarah going to welcome a baby, bringing a twist in the lives of John and Sarah?

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Is Sarah Pregnant in Outer Banks?

is sarah pregnant in outer banks

Yes, Sarah Cameron is pregnant in the Outer Banks Season 4. the Netflix blockbuster series is all set to make us grit our teeth. The storyline focuses on John B. Routledge and Sarah Cameron and in the upcoming plot, Sarah will be shown pregnant while she, John, and the others are trapped on the island.

Further, we might see a big twist coming in the series. Sarah will admit that she cheated on John B with JJ and that Sarah in Outer Banks is pregnant with JJ’s child. The revelation will have serious effects on the relationship Sarah shared with John B., the relationship JJ shared with him, and further shatter the trust within the group.

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Who Plays Sarah In Outer Banks?

is sarah pregnant in outer banks

Madelyn Cline plays Sarah Cameron on Outer Banks. The star has made a place for herself in the hearts of the viewers with her splendid expressions and acting skills. This has been new to her, being the center of attention- she revealed that she felt amazing when she was recognized by a fan for the first time. On her journey as Sarah, she revealed-

“She’s growing a thick skin and she’s not afraid to get dirty and be a badass.”

The star also told Teen Vogue that Season 3 has been her favorite season up until now. It is intense and the ramped-up adventure is a cherry on top. We are waiting for the new season of the show and we are excited to see the new twist of Sarah being pregnant in the show!