Is Shinji Gay? Unravelling the Sexuality of Shinji From Neon Genesis Evangelion

Is Shinji Gay? The show Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the most loved animes of all time. It has recently come back to light on a global stage with Netflix rereleasing the 1995 masterpiece. But things didn’t go as smoothly as we had expected.

Netflix has been receiving backlash for making two major changes in the anime. This has also re-sparked the debate over Shinji, the main character of the anime’s sexual orientation and love interest. Viewers have been left wondering if Shinji is gay or not.

Keep reading the article to find answers to the question that has engulfed the whole internet- Is Shinji gay? Well, what do you think, what might Shinji’s sexual orientation be and do you think his friendship with Kaworu had another angle to it?

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Is Shinji Gay?

is shinji gay

Shinji may be seen as gay, bisexual, or straight. It completely depends on the author. It is noted that in the main storyline, Shinji showed sexual attraction towards Rei, Misato, and Asuka, all three girls. While he also shows romantic feelings for Kaworu, who is a boy. A few spin-off comics, however, show him as a straight person. On the other hand, in Campus Apocalypse, he shows a strong bond with Kaworu.

Many of the fans of the anime, ship Shinji with Kaworu with whom he has been seen getting involved romantically. The show is still making it to the top after 24 years of its debut. Netflix recently released the show. However, their decision to translate dialogues between Shinji and Kaworu to appear ‘less gay’, has been highly criticized.

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What Is The Relationship Between Shinji and Kaworu?

is shinji gay

Shinji and Kaworu are introduced as best friends. However, the two are shipped by millions of fans across the world. Further, the two have a spark between them and possibly could be in a romantic relationship.

According to Vox, Sadamoto published the 67th chapter of the manga in 2006 where Kaworu’s sexual interest in Shinji was explicitly shown when Kaworu kissed Shinji repeatedly and shared romantic feelings for him.

It is confirmed that the nature of the relationship between the two was homoerotic and that is how it has been since the series first aired. The name of their ship made by fans is KowaShin. However, it is not explicitly mentioned that Shinji is gay.