Jon Snow Season 1 Release Date? Everything You Need to Know About HBO’s “Jon Snow”!

Even though HBO’s first Game of Thrones spin-off series, House of the Dragon, has only recently premiered, the fantasy property has a bright future ahead of it.

In June, George RR Martin, creator of Game of Thrones, announced the existence of a spin-off series centered on Jon Snow set after the events of the original series and revealed the series’ working title: Snow.

In addition, Martin disclosed that Kit Harington himself had proposed the performance. In a blog post titled “SNOW…and Other Stuff,” Martin confirmed the concept, writing, “Yes, there is a Jon Snow program in development. Yes, Kit Harington was the one who suggested it.

I’m not at liberty to disclose the names of the writers and showrunners just now… but Kit also brought in his own crew, and they’re great. The fact that Harington has revealed that Jon Snow is “not OK” after the events of Game of Thrones seems to be a tantalizing hint regarding the plot of the impending sequel. The plot summary is provided below.

Fans of the first season will recall that Jon Snow was responsible for the death of Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) and the separation from his beloved Ygritte (Rose Leslie). When will the Jon Snow spinoff premiere, what will happen in it, and will any other Game of Thrones characters appear in it? Keep reading to learn the essentials.

Jon Snow Spin-Off Release Date Speculation

jon snow season 1 release date

The spin-off series, now unofficially titled Snow, is not expected to premiere until at least 2024, given that HBO Max has not even confirmed its existence as of this writing.

If season 2 of House of the Dragon premieres in 2024, then the Jon Snow spin-off is more likely to premiere in 2025, albeit this is all conjecture at this moment. According to a June blog post by Martin, the Harington-led spin-off is just one of four live-action successor series in very early development at HBO.

There are stories flying around regarding my role, or lack thereof, he said. The HEDGE KNIGHT, The Sea Snake, Ten Thousand Ships, and every animation show are all projects in which I have had some sort of hand. Kit’s crew came to Santa Fe to collaborate with me and my group of outstanding, skilled writers/consultants on the show.

All four of these follow-up episodes are still in the scripting phase,” he stated. All of the outlines, treatments, scripts, notes, and second and third versions have been prepared and approved. All I have is that.

This is how television is typically shown. No episodes of any of these shows have been officially approved for production, and there is no telling if or when that will change. I’d be thrilled if all four shows made it to television, but unfortunately, that’s usually not how things pan out.

Who Could Star in The Jon Snow Spin-Off with Kit Harington?

jon snow season 1 release date

As the actor who came up with the concept for the new program, Kit Harington is the sole confirmed cast member so far.

In June, Emilia Clarke, Harington’s co-star on Game of Thrones, confirmed his return and announced she would not be returning as Daenerys. She answered, “He has told me about it,” when asked if she knew anything about the BBC News story on the spin-off show. In addition, I am aware of its existence. It’s actually happening right now.

She paused for a moment before continuing, “It’s been created by Kit as far as I can understand, so he’s in it from the ground up.” So, if that happens, what you’ll be witnessing has been approved by Kit Harington. When asked if she would be making an appearance, she replied, “No, I think I’m done.”

Those who made it through the events of Game of Thrones are still welcome, too. This includes Jon’s sisters Arya (Maisie Williams) and Sansa (Sophie Turner), his brother Bran (Isaac Hempstead Wright), now known as the Three-Eyed Raven, and Lord Tyrion of Casterly Rock (Peter Dinklage).

In addition, Jacob Andersonjon snow season 1 release date, who played Grey Worm on the original Game of Thrones, has expressed interest in joining Kit Harington in the spin-off.

As he explained to E! News, “I think the only way Grey Worm would show up in that show is to kill Jon Snow,” referring to the fateful (and tragic) alliance between Jon Snow and Queen Daenerys Targaryen.

I don’t imagine Grey Worm would be thrilled to see him again,” he said. That was a pretty major requirement of [Jon]’s way of life, to never have to look at your face again. I’m going to do what I want to do, and you’re going to do what you want to do. I think it’s highly unlikely that we’ll run into Grey Worm again.

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What Could Happen in The Potential Jon Snow Spin-Off?

jon snow season 1 release date

We don’t know much about the show’s premise, but we do know that it will pick up where Game of Thrones left off with Jon Snow’s story and go beyond the span of George R.R. Martin’s books.

In the series last season, Jon Snow learned his true identity, was banished from Westeros, and traveled north of the Wall in quest of a new life. When asked about how he believed Jon would be feeling following his sentence at the conclusion of the first series, Harington seemed to hint at the plot of his character-led spin-off during a Q&A session at the official Game of Thrones Convention in Los Angeles on Sunday, 11th December.

If you asked him, “I think if you asked him, he would’ve felt he got off lightly,” Harington reportedly told Entertainment Weekly. When the show ends and we find him in his cell, he is ready to be beheaded because that is what he wants. He’s finished for good. What a blessing and a curse it is that he visits the Wall.

To elaborate, Harington said, “He’s gotta go back up to the place with all this history and live out his life thinking about how he killed Dany, and live out his life thinking about Ygritte dying in his arms, and live out his life thinking about how he hung Olly, and live out his life thinking about all this trauma, and that’s interesting.”

Whenever we leave him at the end of the show, I can’t help but feel like… We were just hoping for a small chuckle to let them know everything is fine. Something is wrong with him.

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Is There a Trailer for The Jon Snow Spin-Off?

No, it’s way too soon for a trailer considering that the spin-off has not been given the go-ahead, but we’ll keep this page updated when new information becomes available.