Lana Del Rey Warns Fans Not to Listen to Her Leaked Tracks in The Wake of A Recent Theft.!

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Lana Del Rey Warns Fans Not to Listen to Her Leaked Tracks in The Wake of A Recent Theft.!

While encouraging fans to avoid listening to her online-leaked music, Lana Del Rey talked up about supposedly being robbed. The singer stated that parts of her unfinished music as well as other personal items were taken.

The singer discussed in-depth about the terrible incident in a reel posted on her official Instagram account, @honeymoon. Since then, her account has been made private.

The 37-year-old said in a self-shot video that her laptop, cameras, and hard drives were taken.

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Lana Del Rey Urges Fans to Not Listen to Leaked Songs

In an Instagram video, Lana said that while her car was parked on Melrose Place, the windows were broken and a number of her personal items were allegedly taken.

Some of her unfinished songs are among the things she claims to have lost, and the singer has asked fans not to listen to them if they are posted online.

Lana Del Rey Warns Fans Not to Listen to Her Leaked Tracks in The Wake of A Recent Theft.!

“So I wanted to talk to you guys about something for a minute,” she said. “A few months ago I parked my car on Melrose Place and I stepped away for a minute. The one time I left my backpack inside my car someone broke all of the windows and took it, and inside of it was my computer and my three camcorders and my hard drive.”

Before wrapping up her video, she pleaded with viewers not to listen to the music if they did hear it because it wasn’t yet out.

Lana also asserted that after “remotely” wiping her computer, outsiders were still able to view her information, including “personal images.”

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Singer’s Unfinished Book Was Allegedly Stolen

The book manuscript that Lana was allegedly working on for the publishing house Simon & Schuster was allegedly on her laptop, which she alleges was stolen. The singer said that she had no backup for the song and that she would have to rewrite it.

The singer claims that the claimed incident has permanently damaged her and that she will never again leave anything in her car, “even for a moment.”

She also raised worries about outsiders having access to her personal information, which included two years’ worth of video recordings of special family occasions.

She is now working on her ninth studio album, and despite the setback she claims to have had, she is committed to completing the project.

I just want to express that despite all that has happened, I am optimistic about the record that will be made. She continued, “I truly want to persist and make the finest record I can.

Lana Del Rey Warns Fans Not to Listen to Her Leaked Tracks in The Wake of A Recent Theft.!

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Fans of Lana can still anticipate hearing her music soon because she appears in one of the tracks on Taylor Swift’s upcoming album Midnights.

The song Snow On The Beach features vocals by the vocalist.

On October 21, Midnights, Taylor’s tenth studio album, is expected to be released. There are thirteen tracks in total.

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