Lego Will Release the Tallest Eiffel Tower Set Ever, Measuring Over One Meter. in 2022.!

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Lego Will Release the Tallest Eiffel Tower Set Ever, Measuring Over One Meter

With the largest-ever Eiffel Tower set, Lego lovers may experience a bit of Parisian culture. The 2022 model is said to be taller than previous iterations, at over 1.5 meters.

A new 10,001-piece Eiffel Tower is reportedly coming from Lego very soon, while there is currently no official information available on the Lego website.

Right now, searching the Lego website only returns results for products that were discontinued and had 321 parts.

Let’s learn more about the brand-new edition, though.

Lego’s new Eiffel Tower for 2022

The new Eiffel Tower is estimated to be over 1.5 meters tall, according to Brickcatch.

Given that the genuine Eiffel Tower is 330 meters tall, this structure is roughly 220 times smaller.

According to the website, it will be available for pre-order on November 25 during Black Friday.

The 10,001-piece set is said to cost roughly $703 (599), however, some sources claim it will cost $679.99. ( 578.31).

Lego Will Release the Tallest Eiffel Tower Set Ever, Measuring Over One Meter


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A first look

A first glance at the new Eiffel Tower, which will be available as set number 10307, was revealed by 9to5Toys.

Not only will it be the biggest kit launched this year, but it will also be one of the biggest Lego sets ever.

According to the website, the brick model is 57 inches tall, making it the tallest model ever.

The packaging advises the Paris landmark set is for those 18 and older and the basic kit also contains some scenery to make it really lovely to display.

BriQ Foundation’s YouTube channel also provided fans with an early peek at the set.

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“This looks considerably better than all the previous Eiffel Towers that Lego has come out with,” the enthusiastic presenter exclaims.

Fans will need to pay special attention to the “formal announcement” for the Eiffel Tower set, which the YouTuber also claims he can’t wait to witness.

There is currently no information available on the set’s official release date or price.

So, in the next few days, keep a close check on the Lego website if you have a room at home ready for it.

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