Marcus Coloma Is No Longer Nikolas Cassadine on General Hospital!

Marcus Coloma, who portrayed Nikolas Cassadine on General Hospital, announced his departure from the program in the days leading up to Christmas. Daytime Confidential was the first to break the news that Coloma would finish production and show its final episodes at the end of January 2023.

Moreover, the site claimed that Coloma decided not to record his last sequences after finding out he had been eliminated, an assertion that Coloma’s reps have now told Newsweek they refute.

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A representative for Coloma told Newsweek in an exclusive statement that the actor will not be returning to General Hospital since his three-year contract had expired. Coloma sadly caught COVID-19, which kept him from appearing in his last scenes during the last four days of 2022 filming.

According to the release: “Fans of Marcus Coloma, “As stated in an ABC press release, we’re here to report that Marcus has left his position as Nikolas Cassadine. In January, he will have his final broadcast.

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Dedicated Marcus Coloma Fans

Marcus “will no longer be performing the part of Nikolas Cassadine,” as was noted in an ABC release, and we wanted to make that clear. The month of January will be his last on air.

Marcus has finished his three years on ‘General Hospital,’ and he says he has loved every minute of working with the show’s outstanding cast, crew, and creatives. Unfortunately, the network generously agreed that he should not shoot the next few days of the year owing to health difficulties with his recent Covid exposure.

Marcus is ecstatic to be reprising the role of the legendary and multifaceted Nikolas for over 300 episodes. ‘I was instantly drawn in by the ensemble cast’s warm, welcoming, and familiar vibe,’ Coloma added. And the fans, who are so devoted, won me over.

Their consistent and overwhelming demonstration of affection and enthusiasm is unprecedented in my experience. For their unfailing generosity and unwavering support, I shall be eternally thankful.

ABC has not commented on whether or not they intend to recast Nikolas Cassadine following Coloma’s departure. There are many major plots involving the character right now.

After Nick Stabil e left the role of Nikolas at General Hospital, Coloma was cast in the part in 2019.

Former star Tyler Christopher created the role of Nikolas, which he played from 1996 to 1999 before being succeeded by Coltin Scott. In 2003, after an absence of four years, Christopher resumed his previous duties.

Beginning in June 2016, Stabile served as a chief executive officer until his dismissal and replacement by Coloma. Fans are devastated by the news that Coloma would be departing General Hospital after three years of playing such a pivotal role.

A supporter tweeted: “It’s killing me to see @marcuscoloma kill it in his GH scenes while also knowing he won’t be returning to the role he made his own. Oh wow, Marcus, you’re awesome.”

A second supporter commented: “Some news report I just read mentioned that #MarcusColoma had been fired. The recasting of @marcuscoloma has been brilliant, and Ava and Nikolas are the greatest, with the exception of the idiotic direction the authors have taken his character. There will never be another time when GH was GREAT. @GeneralHospital”

Third-party supporter: “It’s killing me to see @marcuscoloma kill it in his GH scenes while also knowing he won’t be returning to the role he made his own. To paraphrase: Damn, Marcus, you’re excellent.”

Coloma’s future plans are a mystery, but in the meanwhile, you can see him as Hector Ruiz in Lucifer and Marcus Johnson in One Tree Hill, both of which are available on Netflix.

Major Crimes, The Mentalist, and Drop Dead Diva are among his other works. As well as starring in the second and third installments of the Disney sequel series Beverly Hills Chihuahua as Sam, Coloma played the love interest of Hilary Duff in the film Material Girls.