Rigged? The Miss USA Contest Set for 2022 Is Currently Being Looked Into.!

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Rigged? The Miss USA Contest Set for 2022

The important pageant competition is now formally under investigation following many allegations of rigging made by Miss USA 2022. Almost immediately after the occurrence, rigging rumors began to circulate.

While the competition is being investigated, the Miss Universe Organization has suspended the Miss USA President and the brand. The company provided a statement to CNN in which it stated:

The Miss Universe Organization has decided to immediately suspend Miss Brand after careful consideration. While a thorough, independent investigation is being carried out, the Miss USA program will be taken over by the Miss Universe Organization.

Crystal Stewart, president of the company, said she is cooperating but rejects any rigging.

The current claims that one contestant was given preferential treatment during the 2022 Miss USA competition are false and misleading. […] Discrediting or denying the competitors an equal chance to participate in a fair competition is the absolute last thing I would ever want to do. I would never put my dream of leading a group that gives these young women power in jeopardy.

How Did the Allegations Start?

Fans’ observations that the crowning event wasn’t as normal led to the first suspicions. One Tiktoker dissected the crowning and contrasted it with earlier occasions.

Rigged? The Miss USA Contest Set for 2022

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The winner, R’Bonney Gabriel, is not feted in the manner customary for Miss USA, according to TikTok. Only the hosts may give the winner a hug as the other competitors leave the stage far too soon.

Even if this already grabbed people’s interest, it only increased after other competitors began to speak up.

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@heatherleeokeefe?refer=embed” target=”_blank” title=”@heatherleeokeefe“>@heatherleeokeefeMiss Montana Heather O’Keefe has posted numerous TikToks about her perceptions of the rigged nature of Miss USA 2022. She anonymously discusses her ideas as well as those of the “Miss USA group chat.” Nearly 200k people have seen the video. Spooky, quiet, scary atmosphere piano songs – Skittlegirl Sound

Contestants from the #missusa2022 coming up about their experiences

Miss USA 2022 defends her crown

The DMs are displayed to some especially depressing music, demonstrating how significant this drama is to the neighborhood. To be fair, we would also be very outraged if we felt that we had been wrongfully denied a prize.

Rigged? The Miss USA Contest Set for 2022

Bonney Gabriel, who was named the winner, refutes claims that the Miss USA pageant 2022 was fixed in an interview with E! News.

On October 6, she declared, “I would never participate any pageant or competition that I knew I would win.”

The fact that Gabriel was the first American-Filipina to be crowned Miss USA and that the other contenders have stated they are not criticizing her made her victory historic. Heather O’Keef stated on an Instagram live that Gabriel wasn’t at a fault; rather, it was the organization.

Rigged? The Miss USA Contest Set for 2022

We want to be very clear that we are not criticizing R’Bonney personally in any manner, and we have nothing against the Miss USA winner. We don’t harbor any animosity toward her. She is not to blame. These are the concerns we are raising with the entire organization.

Despite not having spoken with O’Keefe about the alleged rigging, R’Bonney declared, “I would love to connect with her because I think there are a lot of things that are coming up that are simply untrue. […] I want to be open and honest, and I want everyone to know that nothing was rigged or given an undue advantage.

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