The Complete Heist Guide: The Order of the Ocean’s Films

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ocean movies in order

The Ocean’s movies are a line of comedic heist flicks. The plot of the movie centers on a group of con artists who pull off a complex heist with many twists and turns against the movie’s villains. The movie also has a large ensemble cast.

Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop are among the five Rat Pack members who appear in the first Ocean’s movie, Ocean’s 11 (1960), which was directed by Lewis Milestone. Ocean’s Eleven, a remake of the 1960 film, was produced by director Steven Soderbergh in 2001.

Ocean’s Twelve and Ocean’s Thirteen followed in 2004 and 2005, respectively (2007). The movie’s theme and premise are carried over from the original 1960 picture, which featured a cast of well-known actors playing a bunch of con artists.

Ocean’s 8 – (2018), directed by Gary Ross, is a spin-off and continuation of the Ocean’s trilogy with an all-female ensemble cast. Let’s examine the best order to watch The Chronicles of Narnia and the nature of each film’s plot.

The Oceans movies in order

  • Ocean’s Eleven (1960)
  • Ocean’s Eleven (2001)
  • Ocean’s Twelve (2004)
  • Ocean’s Thirteen (2007)
  • Ocean’s 8 (2018)

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Best Order to Watch Ocean’s Movies

The Ocean movies are listed in order of when they were released. With the exception of Ocean’s 11 (1960), which is a solo movie, this is the case. Imagine you want to see the Ocean movies in either chronological order or timeline order. Since the Ocean movies are released in a specific order, you must adhere to that order in that scenario.

Ocean’s Movies in Order

1. Ocean’s 11 – (1960) 

On the eve of the New Year, Danny Ocean gathers a group of World War II veterans to heist five casinos in Las Vegas. They meticulously arrange the intricate theft like a military operation. Sam Harmon works as a performer in one of the casino hotel’s lounges, Josh Howard accepts a job as a garbage truck driver, and others explore the many casinos. The team rewired the backup casino’s backup electrical system and placed demolition charges on an electrical transmission tower.

Just after midnight, the tower is destroyed and Vegas has a blackout. Unexpectedly, instead of turning on the emergency lights, the backup electronic systems unlock the cashier cages. The insiders gather the cash and drop the cash bags into the trash cans, which Josh then picks up with his garbage truck. The strategy seems to have worked.

Tony Bergdorf, the team’s electrician, suffers an unexpected heart attack and passes away on the Last Vegas Strip. The cops are suspicious and question if it has any connection to the heist. For a fee, an ex-con named Duke Santos offers to retrieve the casino owners’ money. The ocean is in town, and he’s the son of Duke’s fiancee, he learns.

Santos confronts the robbers after solving the crime and demands part of their loot. In case anything went wrong, Ocean’s crew had concealed the loot in Bergdorf’s casket. After the coffin departs from Vegas, the crew intends to retrieve the funds without compensating Santos. When the funeral director persuades Bergdorf’s widow to cremate the body, the plan goes awry. In the end, the cash is also cremated.

2. Ocean’s Eleven – (2001)

Danny Ocean breaks the terms of his parole soon after being released from prison by going to Las Vegas with his accomplice Rusty Ryan to plot a heist. They intend to loot three Terry Benedict-owned casinos in Las Vegas simultaneously: the Bellagio, the Mirage, and the MGM Grand. Reuben Tishkoff, a friend and previous casino owner, is presented with Ocean and Rusty’s intentions. Reuben accepts to provide the funding in an effort to avenge his competitor Benedict.

Then, Ocean and Rusty enlist the aid of eight ex-colleagues who are expert criminals with skills in electronics, pickpocketing, and con men. Tess, Benedict’s girlfriend, turns out to be Ocean’s ex-wife, as the team learns.

They start to execute their plans the night of the theft. Ocean consents to being put in a storeroom by Benedict. Rusty phones Benedict and threatens to blow up the safe if he doesn’t give them access to half of the money inside.

Benedict agrees to hand over the cash and help them load it into their van. The SWAT team is summoned at the same moment, and when they arrive, a shootout results in the unanticipated detonation of the explosives, which causes the burning of the remaining funds in the vault.

As Benedict’s men stop the Ocean’s van, they discover that it is being operated remotely and that the bags are only filled with tonnes of fliers for prostitutes. Benedict notices that the Bellagio emblem is missing from the vault’s flooring after watching the CCTV footage.

It is revealed that Ocean’s team made a bogus film using their practice vault in order to deceive Benedict into thinking it was his casino’s vault. Along with that, Ocean’s squad had loaded the cash into their gear bags while posing as the SWAT Team.

To rule out Ocean being involved, Benedict confirms that he was still imprisoned in the storeroom the entire time. Benedict is duped by Ocean into saying that he will give Tess up for the money. Benedict turns Ocean over to the police and informs them that he has broken his parole by being in Las Vegas after realizing that Ocean is involved but is powerless to do anything about it.

As planned, the rest of the squad in Vegas blends into the crowd. The ocean is eventually freed after spending time breaking his parole. Rusty and Tess meet him there. Rusty and Ocean see Benedict’s bodyguards following them as they leave in their car.

3. Ocean’s Twelve – (2004)

Terry Benedict tracks down Danny Ocean’s whole gang and demands they pay him back the $160 million they stole plus $38 million in interest. After failing, the group decides to pull off another theft in Amsterdam to stay out of legal issues with the American police.

They learn where to find the priceless “first stock certificate” from an informant. They learn that Night Fox, a professional thief, was responsible for taking the certificate. Ocean’s squad is warned by Europol Detective Isabel Lahiri about the Night Fox and his tutor Le Marc, both of whom she has been looking for for years.

Francois Toulour is revealed to be Night Fox by Ocean’s crew. They enter his villa illegally and take his paintings. Toulour admits to Benedict that he revealed their names to him in a conflict with him. Lemar’s remark that Ocean might be the more proficient thief of the two infuriated Toulour. He challenges Ocean to take the Imperial Coronation Egg from Faberge. If Ocean is successful, Toulour will pay Benedict back for their debts.

Planning for a robbery that entails replacing the egg with a holographic replica is started by Ocean’s team. They are betrayed by Toulour, who informs Lahiri. She then goes on to detain everybody but Linus, Tarr, Saul, and Turk of the team.

Linus devises a backup plan in which Tess, Ocean’s wife, will pretend to be Julia Roberts during pregnancy in order to exchange the Egg. The plot was thwarted by Lahiri and Bruce Willis, who just so happened to be there, resulting in the arrest of the remaining group members. A mother-of-Linus FBI agent frees the entire team as they are being extradited to the United States.

When Toulour is confronted by Ocean and Tess, he makes fun of their mistakes and then brags that he had taken the egg. When Ocean revealed that his crew had the real egg when it was being transported to the museum, Toulour’s joy was short-lived.

Toulour understands that LeMarc had forewarned them. In a flashback scene, it is revealed that Ocean and Rusty had previously met LeMarc and became friends with him. Toulour conceded defeat and paid Ocean’s Benedict obligations. LeMarc, who is revealed to be Lahiri’s father, is introduced to her by Rusty.

4. Ocean’s Thirteen – (2007)

Reuben Tishkoff, who was duped by his former business partner Willy Bank, has a heart attack and becomes bedridden as he works to establish himself by constructing a hotel-casino. Tishkoff had been compelled by Bank to give him ownership rights. In order to exact revenge on Reuben, Ocean and his crew want to demolish Bank on the opening night of his hotel-casino “The Bank.”

They have a two-part strategy, the first of which is to stop The Bank from receiving the renowned Five Diamond Award, which has historically gone to all of the Bank’s hotels. Saul pretends to be the award reviewer while Ocean’s associates and the people working for them treat the real reviewer badly while he is there.

Their second strategy is to hack the casino’s gaming machines so that they pay out more than their win caps everywhere. The crew would have to defeat “The Greco,” the AI system that defends and controls the games, in order to rig the results.

Their drill breaks as they are getting ready to rig the games, requiring them to ask Terry Benedict for money to buy a replacement drill. Benedict provides assistance, but only if they also take the four-diamond necklaces that Bank purchased for his wife and are kept in a case in the hotel.

Francois Toulour, whom Benedict had asked to get the necklace, captures them after they have taken it. The crew gives Toulour the necklace, but he doesn’t realize he has the fakes until after he has left. It was revealed that Ocean’s team had planned to remove the complete necklace case from the hotel in advance of Toulour’s arrival.

The rest of their plans proceed as anticipated. The Bank was destroyed because guests were able to leave the hotel with their large winnings. Bank was challenged by Ocean, who said that their performance was for Reuben.

They purchased Reuben a home on the Las Vegas Strip with the proceeds from the crime. They donated Benedict’s share of the loot to charity, making Benedict appear in the media for his “philanthropic actions.” By letting him hit the jackpot on a tricked slot machine at the airport, Rusty rewards the true Five Diamond reviewer for his trouble at the end of the film.

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5. Ocean’s 8- (2018)

Debbie Ocean, a con artist, and the late Danny Ocean’s sister collaborate on a robbery alongside Lou, Rose, Amita, Nine Ball, Constance, and Tammy. The plot calls for robbing the forthcoming Met Gala of the Toussaint Cartier necklace. The group tricks actress Daphne Kluger into employing Rose and persuades Cartier to lend Daphne the necklace after creating a knockoff of it.

Debbie uses the consequences of the plot to exact revenge on art dealer Claude Becker, who misled her and was accountable for Debbie’s imprisonment. At the event, Lou adulterates Daphne’s soup, sending her to the ladies’ room.

The security cameras in this area had a blind zone because of Nine Ball. Constance pulls the jewelry off her neck while Daphne throws up in the bathroom. Debbie places a piece of the genuine necklace on Becker.

The museum is immediately sealed off and searched as soon as Daphne reappears without the jewelry. Then Tammy “finds” the second necklace and gives it to the authorities. Daphne joins the woman after the heist and admits that she knew about the entire heist. She requests a share of the loot in return for not reporting them to the police.

The switch is found when the imitation jewelry is sent to Cartier. John Frazier, an insurance investigator, has been tasked with the inquiry. Debbie places the necklace in Becker’s possession and accuses him of having the stolen necklace. Additionally, she made arrangements for paid actresses, sold the necklace’s components, and put the proceeds into a bank account in Becker’s name. The cops then take Becker into custody.

Additionally, she employed actors posing as socialites to sell the necklace and transfer the proceeds into As the group rejoices at their accomplishment, Lou discloses that she was able to obtain stones that are far more expensive than the Toussaint necklace by using an acrobat to replace a set of royal jewels with copies. Debbie is pictured at Danny’s grave sipping a drink at the conclusion of the film because she knows he would be pleased with her.

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