Paranormal Caught on Camera Season 6 Release Date: Check Here for All Updates!

A year has passed since Travel Channel released the last season of Paranormal Caught on Camera, and fans of the documentary series are wondering when Season 6 will be released.

As we continue to monitor the news, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about the prospective new season, including the cast and the latest developments.

Paranormal Caught on Camera Season 6 Release Date

Paranormal Caught on Camera

Travel Channel has not formally renewed Paranormal Caught on Camera for a sixth season. As of April 2023, there is no scheduled release date for the upcoming season.

This does not indicate that the series has been terminated. The next season of the program has not been announced or scheduled as of yet. We will add additional information to this post as soon as it becomes available. If you would like to be notified of the premiere of season 6, please sign up for updates and join the discussion in our forums.

Is It Appropriate for Children?

Paranormal Caught on Camera

Paranormal Caught on Camera is a documentary-style television program. The cast of the television program includes Sapphire Sandalo, Dan Sturges, Brian J. Cano, and Mark Moran.

Five seasons of Paranormal Caught on Camera are currently available on Travel Channel. Travel Channel premiered the very first episode on February 13, 2019. There are approximately 109 episodes distributed across five seasons. The program received a 6.1 rating from viewers.

The TV-PG rating for Paranormal Caught on Camera indicates that some of the material may not be suitable for minors under 13. Depending on the subject matter, the program may contain one or more of the following: some provocative conversation, infrequent coarse language, some sexual scenes, or moderate violence.

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About Paranormal Caught on Camera

Paranormal Caught on Camera

The program is produced by Aaron Sagers serving as executive producer. Sagers is a writer and journalist who has written extensively on the supernatural. Furthermore, he hosts the podcast “Paranormal Roundup.”

The program has received praise for its genuine approach to the supernatural and its use of actual footage. Some have also criticized the program for its sensationalized portrayal of the supernatural.

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Most Popular Paranormal Caught on Camera Episodes

  • The Ghost of the Opera House (Episode 1 of Season 1)
  • The UFO Over Phoenix (Episode 1 of Season 2)
  • The Bigfoot in the Woods (Episode 1 of Season 3)
  • The Poltergeist in the Apartment (Episode 1 of Season 4)
  • The Haunted Hotel (Episode 1 of Season 5)

These episodes are well worth your time and will provide you with a solid understanding of what Paranormal Caught on Camera is all about.