Is There a True or Phony Oreo Doomsday Vault?

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Phony Oreo Doomsday Vault

On social media, there has been a video of Orea creating a doomsday vault, but is it authentic or a hoax?

With its unconventional marketing strategies, Oreo has won over consumers before, and it appears that the company has done so once more.

People recently learned about the brand’s doomsday vault, and it has left many people dumbfounded.

Is the Oreo Doomsday Vault Real or Fake?

According to the company, the Oreo doomsday vault is “truly real.” The nearby Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway, where plant seeds have been preserved, is where the vault is situated.

According to Food and Wine, the vault contains “the Oreo formula and a sizable supply of cookies.” It is located at the following coordinates: 78 08′ 58.1″ N, 16 01′ 59.7″ E.

The cookies have been wrapped in mylar, which can endure temperatures between -80 degrees and 300 degrees Fahrenheit, to ensure their security.

Phony Oreo Doomsday Vault

And resistant to oxygen, moisture, and chemical reactions. By doing this, the cookies will be preserved flawlessly for years to come.

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A Look at The Viral Video

In 2020, rumors about Oreo’s doomsday bunker initially appeared online. Fans were given a glimpse into the vault in a video that was released at that time by the brand.

The advertisement featured actors playing the Oreo executives and demonstrated the steps taken to make the vault a reality.

Although it appears to be a lengthy advertisement, the vault is real and open for visitors (if you can withstand the harsh climate).

In 2022, the video is going viral once more, shocking viewers.

Phony Oreo Doomsday Vault

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People React to The Vault

After discovering the video on social media, people responded to it quickly. Someone commented, “Leave me alone. I’m investigating the Oreo Doomsday Vault right now.

One more said: “@Oreo If there is a secret code to enter the Oreo Doomsday Vault, how am I expected to accomplish it during the end of the world?

People made the speculative statement that “Oreos built a doomsday bunker they know something we don’t.”

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