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During the 2000s, the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise was incredibly massive. As crowds gathered in theatres to watch the iconic pirate engage in antics involving skeletons, marine monsters, and the British Royal Navy, audiences all around the world fell in love with the quirky Captain Jack Sparrow and his Black Pearl.

There have been five films so far in the franchise, and while they are all entertaining in their own right, they do not all meet the same level of excellence. What Pirates of the Caribbean movie do you think is the finest in light of that?

Though its future is still undetermined, the Pirates of the Caribbean television series has a sizable fan base. Disney transported viewers on five epic maritime voyages over the period of two decades, evoking many smiles, amazement, and tears along the way. More details on each movie, along with links to streaming services, are now included in this article.

1. Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Release Date July 9, 2003
Director Gore Verbinski
Box Office Earnings (Worldwide) $654,264,015
Rotten Tomatoes Score 80%
Disney+ Link The Curse of the Black Pearl

Without a doubt, The Curse of the Black Pearl is the best Pirates of the Caribbean film. This blockbuster is flawless from beginning to end, and it has a gratifying conclusion. Although only a supporting character in this narrative, Captain Jack Sparrow dominates every scene he appears in, eventually becoming the series’ standout character.

Jack set out to find a way to get back The Pearl after he was betrayed and lost her. The film demonstrates how he infiltrates Elizabeth and Will’s life and integrates himself into them. Each scenario was engrossing due to the effort to rescue Elizabeth from Barbossa as well as the pursuit of the Pearl.

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2. Pirates of The Caribbean: At World’s End

Release Date May 25, 2007
Director Gore Verbinski
Box Office Earnings (Worldwide) $960,996,492
Rotten Tomatoes Score 44%
Disney+ Link At World’s End

Due to the previous film’s dramatic cliffhanger ending, At World’s End was by far the most anticipated of the entire series. While Becket, who had Jones’ heart in his possession, is destroying pirate ships with the help of the Flying Dutchman, Jack and his beloved Pearl are trapped in Davy Jones’ Locker.

At World’s End, the longest installment in the series aims to provide an unapologetically grandiose experience filled with betrayals, characters on top of characters, fantastical set pieces, and crabs. so many crabs As bloated as the movie occasionally felt At World’s End had the feel of one of those spectacles that had to be seen on a large screen.

This installment features all of the beloved characters from the previous films, including the reappearance of Barbossa, and the battle at the end is particularly memorable.

3. Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

Release Date July 7, 2006
Director Gore Verbinski
Box Office Earnings (Worldwide) $1,066,179,747
Rotten Tomatoes Score 53%
Disney+ Link Dead Man’s Chest

Disney produced two sequels almost once after the 2003 movie became an unexpected hit and both had fantastic box office results. Lord Becket wants Sparrow’s compass, and Davy Jones wants Sparrow’s soul, thus the two villains are pressing in on him.

Dead Man’s Chest, in contrast to the original film, fully establishes Jack Sparrow as a protagonist on par with Will and Elizabeth; in fact, the pirate could be considered the film’s true protagonist.

Because At World’s End spends its opening hour changing the conclusion of its predecessor, Dead Man’s Chest, the middle installment of a trilogy, struggles to entirely make up for its lack of closure.

That being said, this is a consistently enjoyable movie chock full of inventive action scenes, physical humor, and other strong performances that aren’t overwhelmed by Johnny Deep’s Sparrow. A terrific sequence is almost always just a few minutes away, even when the plot can occasionally become a little too intricate.

4. Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Release Date May 26, 2017
Directors Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg
Box Office Earnings (Worldwide) $794,881,442
Rotten Tomatoes Score 30%
Disney+ Link Dead Men Tell No Tales

As Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow appeared to be the thread connecting the films by the fifth entry in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, the majority of fans were just excited to see him again. Salazar, sometimes known as El Matador Del Mar, is a seaman who appears in the book Dead Men Tell No Tales.

He used to track down and brutally dispatch pirates, but he ran out of luck when he assaulted a fleet of ships carrying pirates, one of which had a baby Jack Sparrow on board. After the Wicked Wench’s captain was assassinated, Jack took over as captain and enticed Salazar into the Devil’s Triangle, where he and his crew were cursed. Salazar vowed to exact revenge on “Jack The Sparrow,” as he called him.

Dead Men Tell No Tales, a film that was almost 15 years in the making when it was released, suffered from franchise weariness, which had a poor box office performance (by POTC standards) and poor reception from critics.

By creating a new couple to replace Will and Elizabeth, this movie attempts to right the wrongs of On Stranger Tides; alas, Henry and Carina are blander than their forebears. Salazar, played by Javier Bardem, is a disappointing antagonist who suffers from the Bane flaw that makes it frequently difficult to understand everything he says.

Even if both of their characters in this film are only faint ghosts of who they once were, Sparrow and Barbossa carry it on their shoulders. Dead Men Tell No Tales offers a lot of amazing set pieces and also introduces a late twist that gives the story some emotional weight despite all of the criticism.

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5. Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Release Date May 20, 2011
Director Rob Marshall
Box Office Earnings (Worldwide) $1,045,713,802
Rotten Tomatoes Score 33%
Disney+ Link On Stranger Tides

Fans first meet Blackbeard, the ruthless captain of the pirate ship Queen Anne’s Revenge, in On Stranger Tides. In addition to wanting to witness Jack Sparrow in action, many people were curious to learn more about this new antagonist and his goals.

While showcasing Sparrow in all his bumbling splendor, this blockbuster falls short of capturing the charm of the original trilogy. Although the personas of Elizabeth and Will may be divisive, Sparrow’s unconventional behavior contrasts well with their more “normal” characteristics.

They are ignored in On Stranger Tides, which makes Jack the protagonist even more than in the previous sequels and unbalances the narrative by taking them out of the picture.

Although the movie had excellent acting, the characters of Penélope Cruz’s Angelica and Geoffrey Rush’s Blackbeard are both unmemorable, with the latter being arguably the weakest main antagonist in the series.

The mermaid sequence, however, is without a doubt one of the best parts of Pirates of the Caribbean. It is beautiful and exciting.

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