Quavo’s New Song “MESSY” Reportedly Takes Aim at Offset and Saweetie!

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Quavo's new song "messy" reportedly takes aim at Offset and Saweetie

Following the release of Takeoff and Quavo’s most recent album, Only Built For Infinity Links, rumors regarding Saweetie and Offset have returned.

Fans are notably talking about Quavo’s rap lines in the song Messy, which some claim are meant at the Migos member and his ex-girlfriend.

When some fans claimed that Offset and Saweetie had an affair in August 2022, Cardi B also publicly supported her lover.

Quavo’s Lyrics to Messy Raise Eyebrows

Quavo's new song "messy" reportedly takes aim at Offset and Saweetie

Although Quavo doesn’t address Saweetie or Offset in the song Messy, some fans believe that by mentioning “Caresha Please,” he is making fun of Saweetie. Some of his admirers speculate that this might be a reference to his ex-participation girlfriends on Yung Miami’s podcast Caresha Please.

I’m not stressed at all, Quavo can be heard rapping. We would have approved it if you had merely said that you wanted the gang. Why didn’t you simply say it? S*** is now messy.

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Some Fans Think Messy Is a Dig at Offset and Saweetie

After hearing Messy, some fans believe Quavo is discussing Saweetie’s rumored relationship with Offset, which was never verified.

The following was posted by someone: “And the tea is probably Offset told Quavo that Saweetie was messing with baby and Quavo ain’t want to believe him.”

Another remarked, “Cardi B’s response to this Quavo, Saweetie, and Offset squabble will unquestionably be a Takeoff.

Another tweet stated, “It’s about Offset and Saweetie, not Caresha.”

Last Seen Alive | Teaser


Cardi B Shut Down Cheating Rumors

Despite unfounded claims regarding Offset and Saweetie, some fans fervently believe they cannot be true because Cardi has already dismissed them as nothing more than a prank.

Cardi responded, “No baby, you lying! ” when a Twitter user claimed the rapper had been “lying” about her spouse and Saweetie. You fabricate wild lies and start s*** while including female rappers BUT WITHOUT RECEIPTS. On this, no blog ever spoke.

Migos Members Busy on Solo Projects

While none of the members of Migos have publicly discussed breaking up the group, it seems like they are all working on separate projects. When Cardi B and Offset stopped following his Migos bandmates on social media in August, there were reports that they had split up.

Four singles—Hotel Lobby, Big Stunna, Us Vs Them, and Nothing Changed—were released by Quavo and Takeoff ahead of the album’s release.

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