Ryan Gosling’s 6-Second Tribute to The Creator of The Cereal Meme Still Makes People Cry.!

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Ryan Gosling's 6-Second Tribute to The Creator of The Cereal Meme Still Makes People Cry.!

The majority of millennials will recall the famous image depicting a man attempting to feed Ryan Gosling cereal but finally failing. The extremely smart short videos, which at the time surpassed the video app Vine (think of TikTok’s forerunner), have undoubtedly secured their own position in internet history.

Vine was completely taken over by the six-second videos, which featured Ryan Gosling clips pulled from various movie scenes.

The actor was used in brief scenes where he or she displayed contempt, disinterest, or outright disinterest from the screen, which made the entire piece come together.

Soon, there were multiple clips of Ryan Gosling that appeared to be refusing his cereal in the meme, turning it into a whole “series.”

Ryan felt he had one more thing to accomplish, though, after hearing the sad news that the man who created the cereal meme had passed away.

Who Created the Ryan Gosling Cereal Meme?

The inventor of the meme, Ryan McHenry, tragically passed away in 2015.

When he attempted to explain to the world why the Notebook actor wouldn’t eat his breakfast, the 27-year-old became viral.

In 2013, McHenry received his initial bone cancer diagnosis. Sadly, it happened soon after he developed the popular meme, according to the Daily Record.

Following the community raising money for his treatment, the app published a tribute to the developer after his passing.

However, Ryan Gosling almost completely destroyed the meme by admitting that he truly enjoyed cereal before he passed away. McHenry, though, had a single goal in mind.

He told The Verge, “The only way I can see this all working out is for Ryan Gosling to reply to this.” Even if all he is doing is eating cereal.

Before he died away, the two also had a Twitter conversation in which the Driver actor told McHenry he’d “never forgive him” for the meme. Of course, this was all in jest.

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Ryan’s 6-Second Tribute Is More than Enough

Ryan sat down with a bowl and a spoon after hearing the tragic news of McHenry’s passing. With his own Vine, he paid homage to the Scottish filmmaker.

It was more than plenty and just took six seconds.

In a subsequent tweet, he said, “My heart goes out to all of Ryan McHenry’s family and friends.” I consider myself extremely lucky to have had a small role in his life.

The actor, who is presently dating Eva Mendes and has two children together, has responded to memes about himself before.

According to the LA Times, Ryan’s status as the “ideal” man for women caused him to become a meme sensation.

The Hey Girl meme was made by fans and contained images of the actor with a caption placed above them. The caption would contain a sentence about something the hot actor’s female followers would adore hearing. albeit with a recognizable twist.

A fan might imagine him saying, “Sure, I’ll unload the dishwasher for you,” as an example. Just wait until I’ve finished folding and organizing the laundry.

In 2010, MTV requested the Blue Valentine star to read out loud a few of the memes.

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