Were There a Lot of Students at Donda Academy?

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Donda Academy

How many students attended Kanye West’s closed school, Donda Academy?

The rapper’s Academy was officially closed for the 2022–2023 academic year on October 27. the information following the revelation that several partners had dumped Kanye, who is now known as Ye.

The rapper has severed connections with Adidas, Balenciaga, Vogue, Gap, and the Creative Talent Agency due to recent anti-Semitism.

How Many Students Attended Donda Academy?

Ye spoke candidly with Good Morning America about his school. The rapper therein attested to the enrollment of 82 students.

Speaking of the course, he claimed that the institution provides “students with the practical tools they need in a world after the invention of the iPhone. Children are being prepared in so many schools for fields that don’t even exist anymore.

Donda Academy

According to the official website, the Academy offers to provide vital knowledge while strengthening people’s faith. The academy also offered enrichment classes in things like Parkour, World Language, Visual Art, and Film.

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Donda Academy Is Closed for This Year

Parents of the Academy’s pupils received an email on October 27 informing them that the school will be closing right away.

There will be “no school tomorrow,” the email stated, adding that “Donda Academy will close for the balance of the 2022-2023 year at the option of our founder.”

According to the statement, “Our leadership team will work carefully to support all families during this transition, ensuring that every scholar has everything they need to succeed in their next community.”

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It Will Start Fresh in September 2023

The Academy confirmed in the same email that sessions would resume in September 2023.

The email stated, “We are optimistic that our scholars continue to progress as the innovative thinkers, fearless leaders, and academic leaders of the future generation.

Donda Academy

In an Instagram post, the rapper announced that his school would be closed for the current academic year. He wrote: Jason Lee, here’s the clout you’re searching for. My school is currently being closed. To help or to injure.

This information was released when it became known that the rapper’s relationship with various brands had come to an end. Ye’s net worth also significantly decreased as a result of this.

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