Barbie’s 2022 Day of The Dead Doll Was Designed by A Famous Mexican Fashionista.!

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Barbie's 2022 Day of The Dead Doll Was Designed by A Famous Mexican Fashionista.!

Barbie has released three limited edition dolls for Day Of The Dead 2022, one of which is clothed in attire created by renowned Mexican fashion designer Benito Santos.

Following the 2021 Dia De Muertos dolls from the previous year, the 2022 Dia De Muertos Benito Santos x Barbie Doll is a part of the Barbie Signatures line.

The La Catrina makeup and traditional Mexican clothing are worn by the 2022 doll.

Let’s learn more about the Barbie Day of the Dead collection for 2022.

Dia De Muertos dress

A single purchase of the Dia De Muertos x Benito Santos doll is permitted per person. The doll was developed in partnership with famous fashion designer Benito Santos. Her entire outfit is red, white, and black, with nods to a feminine take on the classic men’s bolero costume.

Barbie's 2022 Day of The Dead Doll Was Designed by A Famous Mexican Fashionista.!

According to the website for Barbie, “[the doll] dons statuesque black clothing that was inspired by the rich cultural legacy of charro suits.

The dress’s spectacular design, featuring its layered mermaid hem, is covered in elaborate white and crimson embroidery. An embellished headdress, crimson bow tie, and cropped bolero jacket complete the look.

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Who is Benito Santos?

One of Mexico’s most well-known womenswear designers is Benito Santos. His ultra-feminine and opulent outfits earned him the title of “Mexico City’s fashion rock star” in Vogue.

Santos is from Guadalajara, a region of western Mexico known for its mariachi bands and tequila.

Santos, who had first majored in medicine, went back to school to pursue his lifelong aspiration of becoming an architect. He began his work in 2008, and in 2010 the actress and model Ximena Navarrete wore one of his creations at the Miss Universe beauty competition. This is when he first came to the attention of the world.

On the Barbie website, designer Javier Mabe, who also contributed to the designs, stated that Benito’s work is incredibly elegant, and intricate, and always has stunning silhouettes. His clothing has a very romantic vibe about it. You can clearly see how passionately he approaches his work.

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Barbie Day of The Dead 2022 Collection

Additional Barbie and Ken Dia De Muertos dolls have also been released by Barbie for 2022. They honor the traditions, symbols, and rituals frequently observed during Mexico’s Dia De Los Muertos celebrations and were created by Javier Mabe.

Barbie's 2022 Day of The Dead Doll Was Designed by A Famous Mexican Fashionista.!

Barbie doll is adorned with a floral headdress with ribbons, a bone belt, and a purple ruffled dress with bright Calavera sugar skulls and flower accents.

Ken is wearing a vest with richly colored skulls, flowers, roses, and bones underneath a brilliant blue shirt. The doll is also decked up in a sombrero and bolero tie decorated with sugar skulls from the Calaveras culture.

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