The Top 7 Free Dating Websites for 2022!

COVID-19 has become an internet dating service essential for the unmarried population during the past few years. Through emails, SMS, and video chat, these services made getting to know people easy while making interacting considerably more challenging. Online dating has gained popularity.

Is it time for singles to end their relationship with online dating services now that the pandemic has partially subsided?

Absolutely not, asserts Rockville, Maryland-based life, dating, and relationship counselor Amy Schoen, who is also the creator of the website Motivated to Marry. Online dating remains one of the best methods to connect with people who are genuinely looking for love after the pandemic, according to Schoen.

If you choose the online way, selecting the best dating website or app for you is similar to selecting the ideal companion. You can discover certain dating sites that aren’t a suitable fit for you because every dating site is unique.

For instance, you can believe that one dating website doesn’t provide enough information on a possible suitor while believing that another dating website provides you with too much information.

For a list of some of the most well-known free dating sites, continue reading. Although not all of these are completely free, several of them do offer free elements that merit your attention.

  • Bumble.
  • Facebook Dating.
  • Hinge.
  • Match.
  • OkCupid.
  • OurTime.
  • Tinder.


Best free dating site for those who are pressed for time.

dating sites

It’s not too difficult to use and explore Bumble. By swiping right if they like the person or left if not, Bumble members can discover a match. In heterosexual relationships, the woman must initiate communication, however, in same-sex relationships, either partner may do so.

Free is Bumble. You can look up profiles, find matches, and communicate with others. Additionally, Bumble offers premium upgrades that let you screen matches based on attributes or standards like education level.

Depending on the extras, monthly costs range from $16.99 and $39.99, or you may spend $229.99 for a lifetime subscription to the premium service.

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Facebook Dating

dating sites

For those who enjoy Facebook and want more of it, this is the greatest free dating service.

Given that so many people are familiar with how Facebook functions and that entered the dating market, it surely seems worthwhile to give it a shot if you’re looking to meet someone.

You can create a dating profile using this free service, and it won’t be visible to anyone outside of the Facebook dating app. In other words, Facebook Dating will keep your membership a secret from your friends and family.

Additionally, your Facebook Dating profile can be automatically filled out using information from your Facebook page. It can only be found on your phone’s Facebook app; not the Facebook website. It should be noted that in order to utilize this free service, you must have a functioning Facebook account.

It’s also important to note that Facebook goes to great lengths to ensure that your Facebook friends are unaware that you are using Facebook Dating. The “Secret Crush” option is present, though. As a secret crush, you can add anyone from your Facebook friends and Instagram followers (up to nine people).

They will find out that someone has a “crush” on them if they ever create a Facebook dating profile, but they won’t know who. You will be matched if they add you to their crush list.


dating sites

Who it’s perfect for: Anyone who likes to divide their thoughts into separate categories can use this free dating service.

Although it is free to use, like many of the services on our list, a premium version will allow you to use it more conveniently. The cost of the premium edition varies, but it generally starts at roughly $29.99 per month. If you sign up for a three- or six-month membership, the cost per month drops after that. Hinge is now only accessible for mobile devices, not desktop or laptop computers.

So why the compartmentalization reference? Hinge offers some entertaining methods for exchanging information and perhaps figuring out if you two are a good match, such as virtues, vitals, and vices categories:

Your career, your place of education, and your political views are all examples of noteworthy facts about you that demonstrate your virtues.

Vitals include information like where you live and whether you have children.

Vices, as you might expect, disclose whether you smoke, drink, do drugs, or engage in any other form of conduct that might deter or attract potential mates.


dating sites

Best free dating site for long-term relationships: Who it’s best for.

One of the most well-known and established dating sites is Match. Although doesn’t offer any free services in their entirety, they do have a free 72-hour trial period, thus they should be included in our list because they are a well-known website.

In other words, it’s a perfectly decent dating site, but you should probably seek elsewhere if you’re searching for free dating apps. If you wish to contact someone, you must pay for the service unless you are still under the free three-day trial period. You can create a profile and browse profiles for free.

Prices fluctuate, as they do on many of these websites. There are normal prices and premium prices for Match. For instance, you can pay for a three-month basic plan ($24.99 per month, or $74.97 total). However, you can purchase lengthier plans that can last up to a year.

Although you’ll pay more all at once, you’ll pay less each month. Of course, there is a chance that you may sign up for a basic plan that lasts a year and actually meet your match in the first month with Match and other dating websites where users pay for many months or a year at a time.


dating sites

For those who want to learn a lot about their date before meeting them, this is the greatest free dating service. You can browse profiles on this well-known dating website and app for free and contact anyone you wish to get in touch with.

However, there are premium services that you can purchase that can help you navigate the website a little bit better. For instance, there are no outside commercials and limitless “likes” with the subscription edition.

Additionally, you can find out who likes you before you do. If you don’t “like” them back, you won’t know who has liked your profile in the free version. Although costs vary, one month will cost you about $35.

Following the completion of their profile, users of OkCupid can respond to thousands of questions and add custom remarks to their responses. Before you send a message to many members, you could feel as though you know everything there is to know about them.


dating sites

Seniors looking for free dating should use this service.

OurTime is intended for persons 50 and older, as stated in the numerous TV advertisements for the service. Although not the only senior dating site, it is one of the most popular. OurTime is a for-profit service just like

You are able to explore profiles for free even though it isn’t. Prices range, but you may anticipate paying $29.96 each month. If you choose the six-month plan, the price per week is significantly reduced.

There is, however, no way to pay for the service, and feel like it is inexpensive if you choose the six-month plan because you must pay for the entire period in one go.

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dating sites

Who it’s ideal for The greatest free dating service for those who don’t require a lot of background information about a potential partner.

Similar to Bumble, you may swipe through profiles on this well-known dating app (also accessible on a desktop), albeit there is limited information on each possible match. You can tap the heart or X icon while viewing photographs, or you can swipe to the right or left depending on whether you like the profile.

You’ll be notified that you have a match and have the option to message your potential date if you like someone who likes your photo and vice versa.

Despite being a free app, Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, and Tinder Platinum require payment. However, the pricing on the webpage is not clear. In the past, depending on the tier you were in, you might have paid more than that, ranging from $9.99 for those under 30 to $19.99 for those above that age. But until you create a profile and pull out your credit card, it’s unclear.

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