As a Result of A Tik Tok Video, the 2am Uk Club Curfew Has Been Disproved.

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Tik Tok Video, the 2am Uk Club Curfew Has Been Disproved.

The rumors are flying. It was reported on TikTok that the UK government was enacting a new 2 am nightclub curfew, but this is untrue.

Everyone was shocked to hear the news because nightlife and party culture are important parts of young people’s daily lives in 2022.

However, not everything you read online is to be trusted.

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2 Am UK Club Curfew Rumours Go Viral

After a TikTok video posted by an account called Bulls Nose News went popular, the rumors that the UK is implementing a new 2am club curfew began to circulate.

It was persuasively stated by a man that “all clubs in the UK should begin having a 2 am curfew, which falls more in line with the USA model and produces a lot less disturbance to homeowners.”

He continued, saying that the conservatives will present the new legislation during the upcoming session of Parliament in an effort to “curb anti-social intoxicated behavior.”

Even more outrageously, the TikTok user quoted an alleged 89-year-old tory peer from the House of Lords who claimed that young people waste too much time drinking and partying.

He went on to suggest that UK DJs and clubs are organizing a 24-hour rave protest, saying, “This legislation will help them get more into a work-focused attitude.”

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Video-Is-A-Parody”>the Tik Tok Video is a Parody

If the outrageous law wasn’t enough of a giveaway, a single tap on the TikTok user’s profile reveals the entire thing is a lie.

Bull Nose News is a humorous UK-based TikTok account with the following bio: “Here lays the truth, news you can trust. humor or parody

However, a number of people who were offended by the bogus law were undoubtedly duped by the video.

It’ll basically just lead to more people having house parties and afters, which bothers neighbors, one individual wrote.

So you’re saying that on my weekend off I shouldn’t go out to party because I should be thinking about work? another said.

Tik Tok Video, the 2am Uk Club Curfew Has Been Disproved.

“Seems like tories are actively attempting to get themselves voted out at this point, they’re going to get devastated by younger generations,” a third individual commented.

Another person chimed in, “basically cutting off all nightlife in the UK.”

It was all false information; the government isn’t imposing a new 2 am nightclub curfew

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Fake UK seatbelt tax fools Brits

This occurs only a few days after UK citizens were duped by a parody Top Gear story that claimed a new seatbelt charge would be implemented in 2025.

The fabricated story claimed that the government would impose an extra charge on any new vehicle sold with a seatbelt.

Tik Tok Video, the 2am Uk Club Curfew Has Been Disproved.

It stated that Chancellor Jeremy Hunt made the decision to have auto drivers pay for their ongoing safety on an annual basis in the Autumn Budget.

People were upset, with one tweeting, “Will they charge the air next after they have taxed the safety belts, car seats, lights, doors, and bumpers?”

“This is utterly absurd. Surely, not even he accepts the justification he provided for making the accusation? said another.

The entire story, which was published on the Top Gear website, was a spoof, though.

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