How to Make TikTok AI-Generated Wallpaper Viral Trend? Check Here to Know More!

TikTok’s wallpaper

TikTok never ceases to amaze its users, as evidenced by the latest fad, wallpaper art, in which users create AI artworks.

Several people have been enthralled by the latest fad that has swept TikTok. This is hardly surprising given that the platform has become a hub for viral material.

TikTok has managed to become the number one platform for releasing creative content, ranging from dancing videos to short hilarious snippets.

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What Is the Wallpaper Art Trend?

TikTok’s wallpaper

The wallpaper craze is a harmless yet lovely trend that has swept the internet. People may use it to turn any ordinary photo into an AI painting, which they can then use as their wallpaper.

It might be a picture of your pet or a loved one. Whatever you choose, there is little question that AI will produce it brilliantly.

Several users on the network have experimented with this trend, turning some of their favorite photos into works of art.

How to Make the AI Painting:

If you want to join in on the trend as well, there are a few simple steps you can do. However, before we begin, you must first download “Dream by Wombo” to your smartphone. The software is available on both the App Store and the Google Play Store.

There are a few simple steps to follow if you wish to join the trend. But first, you must download “Dream by Wombo” to your phone. The software may be downloaded from both the App Store and the Google Play Store.

  1. Open the app and click on “try it out.”
  2. In the “prompt” bar choose the art style that you would like
  3. Upload the image that you want to convert into a painting
  4. Tap create once the image is selected
  5. If you are happy with the result, select how to save the photo by clicking on the button at the top right corner.

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After that, you can use the photographs in a variety of ways. Many TikTok users have made it their desktop background. As a result, the “wallpaper trend” was coined. People have been sharing both the genuine photograph and the AI painting with their TikTok followers while doing so.

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