What Is the Best Order to Watch the Tinker Bell Films?

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tinker bell movies in order

As a subset of the Disney Fairies film series, Tinker Bell is an animated fantasy film series. The main character of the series is Tinker Bell, a fairy who appeared in the 1953 Disney tale Peter Pan. The spin-off series takes place before Tinker Bell and Peter Pan and is set in a different era.

Six movies are included in it, all of which were made by DisneyToon Studios: Tinker Bell (2008), Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (2009), Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue (2010), Secret of the Wings (2012), The Pirate Fairy (2014), and The Legend of the NeverBeast (2015). Let’s examine the best order to watch the Tinker Bell films and the general plot of each one.

The Ideal Order to See the Tinker Bell Films

The Tinker Bell Movies Are Listed in Order of When They Were Released. Imagine You Want to See the Tinker Bell Films in Either Chronological Order or Timeline Order. Since the Tinker Bell Movies Are Released in A Specific Order, You Must Adhere to The Sequence in That Situation.

Tinker Bell Movies in Chronological Order:

  • Tinker Bell – (2008)
  • Tinker Bell and The Lost Treasure – (2009)
  • Tinker Bell and The Great Fairy Rescue – (2010)
  • The secret of The Wings – (2012)
  • The Pirate Fairy – (2014)
  • Tinker Bell and The Legend of The Never Beast – (2015)
  • Tinker Bell Movies in Order

1. Tinker Bell – (2008)

The Winds Carry Tinker Bell, a Fairy Who Was Created from A Newborn’s First Giggle to Pixie Hollow. She Discovers That She Has the Aptitude to Be a Tinker, a Type of Fairy that Creates and Maintains Things. She Grows to Have a Deep Desire to Travel to The Mainland but Discovers from Queen Clarion that Only Fairies with Natural Talent Travel There.

She Makes an Effort to Acquire Nature Talents, but She Is Unsuccessful. Bell Expresses a Wish to Travel to The Mainland Even Though She Is Urged by Her Classmates to Keep Doing What She Enjoys (tinkering). in Desperation, She Seeks out Vidia (a Fairy Who Despises Bell Due to Her Tremendous Aptitude for Tinkering) for Advice on How to Become a Fast-Flying Fairy.

However, Vidia Sets Her up For Failure by Instructing Her to Catch Sprinting Thistles. Bell Accidentally Damages the Springtime Preparations in The Endeavour.

She Makes an Attempt to Leave After Being Disappointed by Her Behaviour, but Terence, a Fellow Dust-Talent Fairy, Encourages Her to Stay and Make Things Right. in Order to Delay the Entrance of Spring, She Atones for Her Transgression by Creating Machinery that Speeds up The Process of Decorating Flowers and Ladybugs, Among Other Things.

Vidia Revealed Herself as The Fairy that Deceived Bell to Catch the Thistles During a Heated Argument with Bell. Vidia Is Penalised for Encouraging Bell to Stir up Trouble. Bell Is Given Permission by Queen Clarion to Travel to The Mainland with The Other Fairies with Natural Abilities.

The Movie’s Concluding Message Explains that When Misplaced Toys Are Discovered or A Broken Clock Begins to Function, It Indicates that A Very Special Fairy Is Nearby.

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2. Tinker Bell and The Lost Treasure – (2009)

The Pixie Dust Tree Is Strengthened and Rejuvenated Every Eight Years when The Light from A Blue Harvest Moon Shines Through a Moonstone. in Order to Raise the Moonstone, Tinker Bell Is Tasked with Creating a New Sceptre. Working with Terence, Tinker Bell Unintentionally Smashes the Moonstone when He Unintentionally Destroys the Sceptre.

She Goes to A Play About the Mirror of Incanta, Which Grants the Wishes of Those Who Wish upon It. Bell Sets out To Locate the Mirror with The Goal of Repairing the Moonstone Using the Wishes. on Her Travels, Bell Meets Blaze, a Helpful Firefly. They Are Lost Somewhere on Their Way.

They Eventually Come Across the Mirror. Bell Unintentionally Wastes a Wish as She Asks Blaze to Keep Silent for A Minute. She Is Discovered by Terence, Who Brought Her the Moonstone Pieces, Just as She Is About to Give Up. Bell Fixes the Sceptre on The Walk Home Using a White Gem from The Mirror and The Moonstone and Sceptre Components.

Bell Hands Queen Clarion the Sceptre. the Priceless Moonstone Has Broken Into Pieces, Shocking and Alarming All of The Fairies. Unexpectedly, the Moonstone Fragments Intensify and Maximise the Blue Moon’s Light, Producing the Most Blue Pixie Dust Ever Seen in Pixie Hollow.

3. Tinker Bell and The Great Fairy Rescue – (2010)

Vidia and Tinker Bell Happen Discover Elizabeth’s Fairy-Sized Home. a Human Girl Named Elizabeth Longs to Encounter a True Fairy. Elizabeth Finds Bell when Her Insatiable Curiosity Takes Over and Brings Her to Her Own House. in The Meantime, Vidia Organises the Fairy Community to Save Bell.

Bell Educates Elizabeth About Fairies as They Become Closer as Friends. Elizabeth Logs the Details in A Book that Her Father, Dr. Griffiths, Gave Her. Bell Saw Elizabeth Attempting to Show Her Father Her Findings as She Was Leaving. Dr. Griffiths, However, Is Too Preoccupied with Stopping the Leaks in The House to Give Her Any Attention.

Bell Decides to Fix the House Leaks Rather than Leave. Additionally, She Releases the Captive Butterflies that Dr. Griffiths Had Been Capturing for His Study. Dr. Griffiths Corrects Elizabeth’s Misconception that She Was Responsible. He Becomes Even Angrier as He Throws All of Elizabeth’s Fairy-Related Artwork and Research Book Into the Trash After She Tells Him About Bell.

When Bell Sees What’s Happening, She Comes out And Yells at Dr. Griffiths. Then He Catches Bell, but Vidia Shows up Just in Time and Knocks Bell Aside. Bell and The Other Fairies Are Able to Persuade Dr. Griffths to Reconsider Taking Vidia to London for Research. After Being Let Free, Vidia Becomes Friends with Bell. While Elizabeth and Her Father Have Never Been Closer.

4. Secret of The Wings – (2012)

When Tinker Bell Enters the Forbidding Winter Woods, Her Wings Begin to Shine. She Embarks on A Mission to Find out Why. She Discovers that Periwinkle, a Frost Fairy, Was Close to Her Sister and That This Is Why Her Wings Lit Up. They learn that Bell Travelled to The Pixie Dust Tree and Periwinkle to The Winter Woods Before They Were Born when A Baby’s First Laugh Splits in Two.

Bell Makes a Device that Keeps Periwinkle Cold so She Can Visit Pixie Hollow and Survive Since She Is Determined to Help Her. the Device Breaks Down, Causing Pixie Hollow to Gradually Freeze. to Save Pixie Hollow, Bell Turns to Periwinkle and Her Community in Winter Woods for Assistance. They Discover That The Trees in Winter Woods Are Shielded from The Cold by Frost There. to Keep the Trees of Pixie Hollow from Freezing, the Winter Fairies Collaborate to Frost Them.

Bell Broke Her Wing as A Result of Her Crash in Winter Woods. Bell’s Injured Wing Is Repaired when Periwinkle and She Are Close to Each Other Because Their Wings Glow and Heal One Another. the Fairies Learned at Pixie Hollow that Winter Fairies Can Freeze Their Counterparts’ Wings, Enabling Them to Endure the Cold and Go to The Winter Woods.

5. The Pirate Fairy – (2014)

Zarina Is a Dust Keeper Fairy Who, After Becoming Curious about Pixie Dust, Causes Mayhem and Is Later Banished from Pixie Hollow. One Year Later, Zarina Comes Back and Takes the Blue Dust (which Is Crucial for The Formation of Pixie Dust).

When Bell and Her Pals Follow Zarina to The Coast, They Learn That She Is in Charge of A Crew of Pirates. as A Result of Bell and Her Pals Falling Under Zarina’s Spell, Their Talents Are Exchanged. the Fairies Discover Skull Rock, Where the Pirates Created Their Own Pixie Dust Tree, to Be Zarina’s, Covert Lair.

James (a Cabin Boy) Is Given Some Dust by Zarina, Which Enables Him to Fly. Zarina Is Betrayed by The Pirates, Who Confine Her in A Lamp. Captain James Threatens to Cast Zarina Into the Water as Bell and Her Friends Try to Escape on The Blue Dust. Bell Releases the Dust, Which the Pirates Use to Lift Their Ship Into the Air.

Over the Blue Dust, the Fairies Engage in Combat with Captain James and The Pirates. Captain James Was Vanquished, and The Pirates Were Left Adrift in The Water. the Pixie Hollow Fairy Community Welcomes Zarina Back and She Makes a Commitment Never to Mess with Pixie Dust Once More.

when Zarina Displays Her Incredible Powers at The Pixie Dust Alchemy Festival, Bell and Her Friend’s Talents Are Restored to Their Original State.

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6. Tinker Bell and The Legend of The Never Beast – (2015)

Fairy Fawn Befriends a Never Beast She Names Gruff and Is a Creature Lover. Scout Fairy Nyx Learns About a Prophesy that Claims a Passing Green Comet Would Reawaken the Never Beast. when It Awakens, It Will Grows Into Four Rock Towers and Unleashes a Torrent of Lightning that Will Obliterate Pixie Hollow. Nyx and The Scout Fairies Have Been Tasked by Queen Clarion with Finding and Destroying the Never Beast.

Gruff Is Currently Constructing the Towers, as Tink and Fawn Learn. He Knocks Bell Senseless as He Dashes Off in An Effort to Alert Gruff. when Fawn Locates Him, She Sees that He Is Still Considerate of Her. as They Whisk Gruff Away, the Scout Fairies Are Able to Capture Him, Leaving Fawn in Tears.

A Storm Has Gathered Over Pixie Hollow Despite His Capture. Fawn Assists Gruff in Escaping Because She Believes Gruff Is Actually Good. He Changes Into the Legendary Monster that Nyx Has Spoken Of.

Fawn Understands that Gruff Didn’t Construct the Towers to Harm Pixie Hollow but Rather to Collect the Lightning. He Gets Downed by Nyx While Gathering the Lightning. Gruff Saves Her After She Realises the Folly of Her Actions Since She Was About to Be Struck by Lightning.

Gruff Eventually Manages to Stop the Storm by Catching All the Lightning. Then, Gruff Is Revered in Pixie Hollow as A Hero. He Will Is Guided Ceremoniously Back to His Cave, Where He Will Slumber for A Thousand Years, by The Fairies of Pixie Hollow. He Is Assured that Faun Will Be There for Him at All Times.

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