To Avoid Awkward Holiday Table Talks, Here Are 17 Relatable Thanksgiving 2022 Jokes.

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Relatable Thanksgiving 2022 Jokes.

Here are some of the funniest memes from Twitter that you may most easily relate to in 2022 if you’ve grown weary of the typical turkey jokes that constantly come up in Thanksgiving chats.

The yearly holiday has here, and no family gathering would be complete without a riot of amusing banter, delectable fare, and of course, some caustic quips.

Even while we might want to start a conversation at the dinner table in keeping with the historical custom, many these days express their enthusiasm for the holiday much earlier by posting Thanksgiving-related memes and GIFs on social media.

And we completely understand if you’re the quiet kind or simply find yourself short on conversation starters while scarfing down your fair share of turkey. Therefore, it would be preferable to use the memes we have shared below to make silence more awkward so that you may quietly eat your dessert.

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17 Hilarious Thanksgiving memes to Share in 2022

Does anyone not?

Without a Friends reference, a holiday is not complete!

Greetings on Thanksgiving, as well.

Then another!

Dance all day long on Thanksgiving.

when a lengthy snooze would be helpful!

It’s really too bad.

when you eat too much and become unsteady!

We recognise your suffering…

A word wouldn’t harm…

Have you put on your pants for Thanksgiving yet?

For all of you shy people out there…

Family time is fun!

Greeting the long weekend like…

A virtual toast is acceptable.


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